Top 5 funniest GTA 5 Story Mode moments

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom

Rockstar Games and their signature brand of humor is put on the showcase front and center with the GTA franchise, as their satire comes to life in the most hilarious of ways.

While there are plenty of bullets flying about at the core of GTA, it is an extremely funny and satirical game that pokes fun at just about everything under the sun.

From radio commercials to NPC conversation, Rockstar finds a way to fit in satire in a way only they can. GTA 5's Story Mode is chock-full of moments that will leave the player in splits or with the jaws dropped to the floor at the sheer ridiculousness on display.

This article takes a look at five moments from GTA 5's Story Mode that perfectly illustrate just how clever and funny Rockstar's writing is.

5 most funniest GTA 5 Story Mode moments

#5 - Lazlow's ponytail


Lazlow Jones has been a long-time collaborator with Rockstar Games in the GTA franchise and has contributed in a number of ways. He appeared in previous games as a fictional radio show host, and in Grand Theft Auto 5, he appeared as a satirical version of himself.

Brilliantly playing the role of an incessantly annoying TV show host, Lazlow Jones truly gets on the player's nerves with his constant search for attention and being so transparent with it. So when Michael and Trevor finally give him his comeuppance in the form of making him dance naked, it feels sort of gratifying.

However, the biggest put-down comes in the form of Michael chopping off his iconic ponytail and tattooing all sorts of oddities on his body. The moment, although brief, is quite hilarious, especially with Lazlow's whimsical and melodramatic response to it all.

#4 - Michael's hallucinations


Throughout the entirety of the game, Michael comes off as someone with a laughably high temper and is set off by just about everything. Naturally, his family was going to have a response to his constant state of anger and misery.

Jimmy, perhaps taking it several steps further, gets back at Michael in the most bizarre of ways possible.

A regular outing between the son and father eventually delves into a wild, DMT-induced trip that sees Michael hovering above Los Santos, being operated on by aliens and yelled at by chimps.

The entire sequence is made all the more brilliant by C90's Shine a Light (Flight Facilities Remix) that plays when Michael flies over GTA 5's Los Santos.

#3 - Trevor, Scooter Brother


Whenever the player switches back to Trevor after playing as other characters, they are in for something surprisingly hilarious or gross, or a combination of both.

Oftentimes, Trevor will be stranded somewhere in the mountains drunk out of his mind, but occasionally, players will find him on the highway riding a scooter alongside a fellow "scooter brother" in GTA 5.

Trevor will continue to melodically yell out "scooter brother" at the other motorist atop a scooter and will do so for a hilariously long period.

This is actually an Easter Egg that references a YouTuber (username: Brad) who famously yelled out "scooter brother" while riding a motorcycle at other NPCs with the same vehicle as him in GTA 4.

#2 - Trevor is a hipster


While driving to the Paleto Bay bus station, which is quite a long drive, Michael and Trevor really get into it, and Trevor is perhaps moments away from ripping Michael's throat out.

During the conversation, Michael makes a judgment on Trevor and labels him a hipster, citing the way he chooses to live his life and becoming the "proto-hipster." Trevor, who has a massive axe to grind with hipsters, obviously does not take well to these comments by Michael.

The two proceed to argue while Michael presents some actually valid points that further angers Trevor. However, the latter has no actual way to refute Michael's claims and just proceeds to threaten him with violence.

#1 - Lamar roasts Franklin


Perhaps a scene that has pretty much found a life of its own on the internet, this absolutely hilarious scene leaves everyone in splits, regardless of how many times they watch it.

After being denied entry to Franklin's house, Lamar chooses to respond with an absolutely devastating verbal barrage and berates almost every aspect of Franklin's life.

This disproportionate response to Franklin's rejection is one of the hilarious bits of writing in GTA 5, and an unbelievably poised delivery from Slink Johnson makes this one of the funniest moments of GTA 5.

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