5 GTA San Andreas characters that would be great Fortnite skins

CJ is a pretty good dancer in GTA San Andreas (Image via Sportskeeda)
CJ is a pretty good dancer in GTA San Andreas (Image via Sportskeeda)

Great Fortnite skins take inspiration from intellectual properties, which is why GTA San Andreas would be a solid choice.

Rockstar Games and Epic Games do have a working relationship. The former does allow the latter to sell their products. However, it's unlikely they would lend characters for a collaboration. Nonetheless, a theoretical scenario is fun to think about.

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games in the world. Their cast of colorful characters would make for great Fortnite skins. Whether it's the notorious Big Smoke or main character CJ, they could easily make an impact.

Five GTA San Andreas characters that would make for great Fortnite skins

5) The Truth


GTA San Andreas is known for their strange characters. Chief among them is The Truth. He is an aging hippy whose missions are a psychedelic trip. At one point, he even steals a secretive project from the government.

Fortnite can be a silly game with funny characters. Someone like The Truth would never feel out of place here. He would definitely build himself an entire fortress. Only this time, it's not government agents he is hiding from. Instead, it's the other players who want to take him out.

4) Wu Zi Mu


Better known as Woozie, this blind man was born lucky and can be surprisingly good with his aim. The character is also one of the more popular ones from GTA San Andreas. Indubitably, he would be a great Fortnite skin.

3) Catalina


Catalina is quick to lose her temper. This makes her no different than Fortnite players dealing with terrible duo partners. She would fit right in.

Fortnite is all about female representation. Catalina is one of the most prominent ones from GTA San Andreas. If the player is any good with a gun, they will be just as dangerous as her.

2) Big Smoke


Any discussion of great Fortnite skins begins and ends with Big Smoke. He is one of the most recognizable characters from GTA San Andreas. His personality is simply larger-than-life.

Given his scheming nature, Big Smoke players could easily bait their opponents. There is also really good potential for dance emotes. Big Smoke is a fun character with memetic potential. That's what makes him a great Fortnite skin.

1) CJ


Collaboration with GTA San Andreas isn't complete without CJ. He is the main character who deserves a great Fortnite skin. CJ is no stranger to dance moves, so he would fit right in perfectly. Coupled with that, he is also quite skilled with guns.

If CJ were to choke in battle and miss a clear shot, one can only imagine what Big Smoke would have to say. On a related note, any of the Grove Street Families would make for great outfits. CJ might be decidedly plain, but the man himself is not. He would make his presence known as a great Fortnite skin.

GTA San Andreas' enigmatic cast of characters will undoubtedly make for great skins in Fortnite.

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