5 intriguing female characters in the GTA series

More than a few players want more interesting women characters in the GTA series (Image via the YouTuber whatever57010)
More than a few players want more interesting women characters in the GTA series (Image via the YouTuber whatever57010)

While the GTA series is rarely known to give prominent roles to women, there are a few interesting characters given positions of power.

A sizable portion of the fanbase believes a female protagonist in GTA 6 is long overdue. Representation for women shouldn't be strictly limited to strippers, prostitutes, and sex objects. While GTA is largely male-dominated, there are a few women who are memorable in their own right.

None of them are perfect, but then again, no GTA character truly is. At the very least, most of these women have better characterization than Maria from GTA 3 or Mercedes from Vice City. Hopefully, soon, GTA will include better female characters in their games.

Female characters in GTA who are rather interesting

5) Paige Harris


While her voice will forever ring in the ears of GTA Online players, Paige Harris originally had a promising start with the fanbase. She is one of the most skilled hackers available for heists in GTA 5. Paige has expanded her role further in GTA Online, where she changed her appearance with a gothic makeover.

She is incredibly resourceful in her hacking skills and is a useful asset to any heist team. While she is conventionally attractive, she doesn't rely solely on sex appeal. Paige is known for her sarcastic wit, especially when she verbally spars with Lester. It's rather unfortunate that Rockstar had to ruin her with the After Hours update.

Admittedly, she can be a nuisance with frequent calls about the Terrorbyte. It's basically GTA Online's version of the "Yay leaving San Fierro" or "Let's go bowling" lines from previous games. Rockstar had an interesting character in Paige before the update, but they've since fumbled her characterization.

4) Taliana Martinez


GTA 5 players can find Taliana Martinez on the side of the road, having barely survived a car accident. It turns out Taliana was a getaway driver for a heist gone wrong. Her skillful driving allowed her to bypass three roadblocks before her remaining heist partner turned on her. She survives while he does not.

What makes Taliana special is how she can hold her own in any given situation. Most non-protagonist GTA characters, whether male or female, wouldn't survive the crazy situations she did. She is a hardened criminal with years of experience, which makes her an invaluable partner for heists.

Should the player save her (and they should, given her stats), Taliana becomes a reliable driver for heist missions. Not only is she one of the best in the game, but she also cuts a small percentage of the cut.

3) Louise Cassidy-Williams


Vice City Stories can be hard to watch since GTA players already know most of these characters won't make it out alive. Victor Vance and Louise Cassidy-Williams were star-crossed lovers right from the moment they left. While their relationship was rocky at times, they did care about each other.

Some GTA players may not be comfortable with Rockstar's depiction of rape as drama. However, they did make a sincere attempt to provide the protagonist a romantic partner with storyline importance. This is more than can be said for Denise and Millie in San Andreas.

One of the saddest missions in GTA history is Light My Pyre, where Louise meets her end at the hands of major antagonist Armando Mendez. Although Victor makes it to his mansion and kills the drug kingpin, he is too late to save Louise. Before she dies of her wounds, she sincerely thanks Victor for everything he did for her.

2) Auntie Poulet


The mysterious Haitian matriarch is one of the few GTA bosses who are women. Despite her elderly appearance, Auntie Poulet is a dangerous manipulator. She was able to brainwash Tommy Vercetti into performing a series of tasks for her, thanks to the mind-altering effects of her potions.

Before Vercetti put a stop to it, Poulet operated an entire drug factory with her criminal gang. She was powerful enough to stay protected, even during the events of Vice City. Poulet may be an older woman, but she curses her enemies toward their untimely doom. She is just as dangerous as any major GTA antagonist.

With that said, she is lucky Tommy doesn't remember doing these missions for her.

1) GTA Online protagonist (female)


Rockstar finally gave GTA players the chance to customize their characters with their online mode. Although GTA Online isn't the first game to include a female protagonist, these are the first to have fully 3D models. No longer were they a 2D portrait with limited graphical capabilities. Now GTA players can play as women.

Regardless of whether men or women play these characters, it's nice to have female protagonists in the GTA series. Hopefully, GTA 6 follows through.

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