All breakup phone calls CJ gets in GTA San Andreas

All he had to do was follow their heart's desires, CJ (Image via the YouTube channel of Menelamdir)
All he had to do was follow their heart's desires, CJ (Image via the YouTube channel of Menelamdir)

Sometimes a romantic life is more difficult than a criminal one - just ask CJ when his girlfriends break up with him in GTA San Andreas.

Once a GTA player reaches a 0% rating in a relationship, a cut-scene happens and the girlfriend dumps CJ. During normal gameplay, a player will never see a breakup phone call. However, the files for these phone calls are still in the game, having been removed at some point in development.

GTA players can use a Do Your Own Mission (DYOM) modification to restore beta content. The players are treated to a phone call where the girlfriend calls out CJ for his actions and leaves him for good. It's rather unfortunate these were taken out of the main game, since a few of them provided some insight.

Every breakup conversation in GTA San Andreas

Whether a GTA player is neglectful in a relationship or they just don't care anymore, they should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. Given this is GTA, some of the phone conversations can be quite amusing. Credit goes to GTA YouTuber Real KeV3n, who was able to cover these files.

Denise Robinson

Denise Robinson breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)
Denise Robinson breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)

Like all the other GTA girlfriends, CJ will be caught off-guard when Denise breaks out of the relationship. She certainly doesn't let him down easily with the following line:

Chickenhead ***hole!

Tired of her mistreatment, Denise calls out CJ for being a drug dealer. She then states all her friends were right in warning her about him. Despite his objections otherwise, Denise makes it clear there is nothing left between them. CJ definitely seems disappointed at the results.

Interestingly, Denise provides GTA players with in-game spoilers if the breakup occurs before the The Green Sabre mission. She mentions specific rumors about Big Smoke right after she accuses CJ of being a crack pusher. This indicates she found him to be untrustworthy long before the rest of Grove Street did.

Helena Wankstein

Helena breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)
Helena breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)

Helena cuts right down to the chase - she considers CJ a waste of space. After she accuses him of spending more time with his friends and other girlfriends, CJ tells her she needs to get out more. Helena uses clever wordplay to let him know she would rather shoot herself than go out with him anymore.

The exasperated CJ tells her to give him a break before Helena hangs up the phone. It's rather unlikely he will miss her, given her slightly racist undertones during her dialog. Nonetheless, it's a moment of inconvenience for the GTA protagonist, given Helena does have access to a useful tool shed.

Katie Zhan

Katie Zhan breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)
Katie Zhan breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)

When poor Katie gives CJ a call, he makes the mistake of introducing himself as a ladies man. She will immediately admonish him for his actions, given her suspicions of CJ seeing other women. The self-proclaimed playboy visibly panics and tries to explain himself, but is cut off before doing so.

After CJ begs for one last chance, Katie tells him it's too late. She refuses to give him anymore chances and ends the relationship. CJ is even more disappointed in losing her than he was with Denise.

Michelle Cannes

Michelle breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)
Michelle breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)

CJ seems to think everything is going fine during his phone call with Michelle, even right after she curses him out. However, she lets out all her pent-up frustrations with him. Michelle calls him a "walking passion killer" and states he doesn't know how to give a woman what she wants.

In response, CJ makes a less-than-convincing attempt to win her over. It predictably fails, as Michelle curses him out some more. She tells him not to come over to her place anymore. CJ seems rather indifferent to the situation.

Barbara Schternvart

Barbara breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)
Barbara breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)

A criminal and a cop weren't meant to last as long as they did, which is why CJ and Barbara never stood a chance in GTA. CJ doesn't seem to realize he's talking to Barbara when she calls him, as he introduces himself as a "one man crime wave." It all but confirms her suspicions about CJ and his criminal activities.

Barbara complains to CJ about the struggle of being a divorced mother with two children. Unlike his other girlfriends, however, CJ has no tolerance for her. They start to argue with each other about (in his own words) her self-pitying ways. CJ even feels sorry for her ex-partner who put up with her.

Infuriated, Barbara threatens CJ with her friends in the force. CJ tells her to shut up and ends the conversation. It's arguably the ugliest breakup out of all of CJ's potential girlfriends, let alone GTA history.

Millie Perkins

Millie breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)
Millie breaks up with CJ (Image via Real KeV3n)

CJ tried his luck one too many times in Las Venturas, and Millie Perkins isn't having it anymore. In one of the more humorous breakup conversations in GTA, she lets CJ know she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. Millie offers the following reasons as to why:

You treat me like sh*t. You dress like sh*t. You wine and dine like sh*t.

CJ convincingly responds the only way he knows how.

But... but... well... sh*t.

Millie and CJ will go their separate ways shortly afterward. Although not to the extent of other women, it seems like CJ will miss her. By GTA standards, Millie should consider herself lucky for not getting killed for her keycard.

Good job CJ (and, by extension, the player)


Rockstar went through all the effort of recording the voice lines for these breakup phone calls. For one reason or another, they decided to remove the content. Instead, GTA San Andreas has a short cut-scene where the girlfriend dumps CJ with a single line. These usually range from one to three quotes in total.

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