5 missions in GTA San Andreas with secret alternate endings

It's all about working smarter, not harder (Image via ZMOONCHILD live)
It's all about working smarter, not harder (Image via ZMOONCHILD live)

GTA San Andreas is full of secrets, this not only extends to hidden collectibles on the map, but also specific mission sequences.

Certain GTA missions can be completed through different means, such as taking out a target earlier than expected. GTA San Andreas follows these guidelines with a few alternate endings to missions. Players need to think outside the box to get different results. GTA is a series which pays attention to detail, but it can sometimes go unnoticed by players.

Both newer and old-school GTA fans can always find something new in San Andreas. Some alternate win conditions are well-known, such as killing Ryder in Pier 69. Others aren't as obvious, such as the rednecks who chase the player in Don Peyote. There are plenty of possibilities in San Andreas missions.

How to unlock alternate storylines for Five GTA San Andreas missions

#5 - Home Invasion


In terms of mission possibilities, Home Invasion ranks among the highest in the GTA series. CJ and Ryder decided to steal gun crates from a war veteran. They sneak into his house in the middle of the night, using the stealth mechanic to their full advantage. However, players can approach the mission differently.

Normally, a GTA player needs to steal three crates under the time limit. If they do so successfully, they can drive off without any issue. However, waking up the colonel means he'll try to engage the player with a shotgun. Police will also arrive at his location once the player leaves the property.

Interestingly, the two cops who show up have unique NPC dialog and mannerisms, such as chasing the player even if they remove their wanted level. Home Invasion can be done either with silence or by silencing anybody who gets in the way.

#4 - Ice Cold Killa


To destroy the Loco Syndicate, CJ must find the meeting coordinates through the phone records of Jizzy B. To remove the pimp from the equation, CJ has to enter his nightclub and take out his bodyguards. Jizzy tries to escape via a nearby vehicle, which requires the player to chase him down.

If players destroy the Broadway right before they enter the Pleasure Domes, Jizzy will instead rob a Pizza Boy scooter and drive off. Players can easily run him over in his current state. They can also shoot the Broadway tires to ensure Jizzy has difficulty driving, making the mission much easier.

#3 - Pier 69


In the GTA mission Pier 69, players finally have a chance at revenge against the Ballas and Rifa gangs. Both Ryder and T-Bone Mendez are the main targets in this dramatic shootout. Once Mendez goes down, Ryder will try to escape by swimming to a nearby island with a boat.

Players skilled with a sniper rifle can simply take out Ryder right before he reaches the island. Alternatively, they could also use a rocket launcher to blow up the boat alongside Ryder. Otherwise, the player would have to swim after Ryder and chase him out into the open sea.

#2 - Don Peyote


The Truth tells CJ to go out into the desert to ensure the survival of Kent Paul and Maccer. Once they get picked up, CJ has to go to a snake farm to find other band mates. However, there were none, instead, the locals attacked Paul and Maccer for their unruly behavior the previous night.

Normally, GTA players would kill all the enemies in the snake farm. They would then be tasked with taking Paul and Maccer to Las Venturas, where they could find Ken Rosenberg. Interestingly, by GTA standards, there is an alternative situation that takes place should certain conditions be met.

If GTA players do not get rid of the rednecks beforehand, they will be chased all the way to The Strip. From that point forward, a cut-scene starts and players must finish them off once and for all. Paul and Maccer will also engage in hand-to-hand combat, so players should make sure they don't get killed in the scuffle.

#1 - Key to Her Heart / Dating Millie

Millie Perkins is a storyline girlfriend CJ can date in order to gain access to a keycard. During preparations for the casino heist in Caligula's Palace, Woozie informs CJ they need to gain the trust of a croupier. CJ is now tasked with trying to get an important keycard from Millie.

In the mission Key to Her Heart, players have to disguise themselves as a gimp and attract her attention. Once she becomes a girlfriend, CJ has to perform successful dates to get the keycard. Alternatively, players can simply kill her and get on with the casino heist.

In a phone call shortly after her death, Woozie expressed his exasperations but ultimately advised CJ to search her house. From there, GTA players can pick up the keycard and move onto the next stage in the heist planning.

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