5 most fascinating facts fans might not know about GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas has more secrets than one might think (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA San Andreas has more secrets than one might think (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Some GTA San Andreas facts are fascinating, but most fans might not be aware of them given their relative obscurity.

This article is geared more toward casual GTA San Andreas fans, as they're the types of players who are the least likely to know these fascinating facts. Still, even hardcore GTA San Andreas fans could learn something neat about the game, given that even this timeless classic has a few secrets that aren't common knowledge.

It should go without saying that these facts aren't going to be the most obvious ones around. Likewise, these are genuine facts that players can find in GTA San Andreas. Some of the facts are obscure, given most players will have no reason to ever discover them, but that's just part of why GTA San Andreas is so great.

Five intriguing facts about GTA San Andreas

#5 - 8-Ball Shop in Los Santos


The 8-Ball Autos shop has been around in every single 3D universe GTA game, which includes GTA San Andreas. Unlike the Liberty City games, 8-Ball has no prominent role in GTA San Andreas. Hence, it surprises some fans when they find out he still has a shop in the game.

More specifically, his shop can be found in El Corona, right near the Unity Station. As per usual, GTA San Andreas players can enter his shop with a vehicle, and have a bomb planted for $1K. Players can detonate it remotely, which is pretty cool.

There is no hint that players can do this, as this shop plays no role in any mission or side activity.

#4 - Some pedestrians can swim


GTA San Andreas players are aware that some important characters can swim when they follow CJ around in a mission, but they're not the only characters who can do so. Normally, most NPCs drown when they fall into a deep body of water, but there is an exception.

Beach-themed NPCs are able to swim. They're not normally found in water, but if a player provokes one of these NPCs into a body of water, they will find that they're capable of swimming.

It isn't useful by any means, but it shows that GTA San Andreas does have some great attention to detail.

#3 - There is a police bribe out of bounds in San Fierro

The Hidden Bribe (Image via Real KeV3n)
The Hidden Bribe (Image via Real KeV3n)

Sometimes, programmers make mistakes when they're designing a video game. Oftentimes, this means that something is placed in the wrong location, which is the main focus of this entry. In San Fierro, there is one police bribe players would normally never know about.

It's the police bribe found inside a building west of the San Fierro Fire Station. It's not unobtainable, as a player can secure it by a few different means. Normally, there are barriers surrounding the police bribe, so one can't just go to Blue Hell to get it.

Instead, they will have to take a very long vehicle (with a forgiving hitbox), and touch the police bribe that way.

#2 - CJ can get into debt in Las Venturas


This is the most well-known fact on this list, but it doesn't make it any less fascinating to see. No other GTA game allows the player to go into debt, but GTA San Andreas does. This can only happen in Las Venturas when the player gambles away their entire savings.

The casino will loan out some money to the player, but if the player walks away after failing to make a profit, then their money count will be red with a minus sign in the front. The closer it is to zero, the closer the player is to paying off their debt.

Eventually, GTA San Andreas players will get some phone calls from a mysterious character warning them to pay their debt. The goons they send after the player drop a ton of money, meaning that even the most hardcore debts can be paid off fairly quickly.

#1 - OG Loc clothes go from $200 to to $15 after Cut Throat Business

The price difference for OG Loc's clothing before and after Cut Throat Business (Image via Real KeV3n)
The price difference for OG Loc's clothing before and after Cut Throat Business (Image via Real KeV3n)

GTA San Andreas has some amazing attention to detail, with a prime example being the price tags of OG Loc's and Madd Dogg's clothing lines. After the mission, Cut Throat Business, the price tags for both OG Loc's and Madd Dogg's clothing lines change drastically.

In the former's case, OG Loc's merchandise drops by nearly 90% (which makes sense, given how his career is in shambles by this point). The opposite also holds true, as Madd Dogg's merchandise becomes 10x more expensive after this mission (which makes sense, given that his career is revived).

It's an incredibly minor detail that most GTA San Andreas players will miss. The price difference isn't so huge players need these discounts to get it, but it's still a cool detail that makes the game feel more alive.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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