5 most funny Carl Johnson "CJ" moments from GTA San Andreas

Carl Johnson is perhaps the most popular GTA character (Image via
Carl Johnson is perhaps the most popular GTA character (Image via

Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas is one of the most beloved protagonists of all time.

While he will always be remembered as a madman by fans, Carl Johnson is seen in a different light than most quintessential Grand Theft Auto archetypes, given his profound backstory and conflicting personality traits.

Unlike his underworld friends and associates, Carl Johnson wasn't just a petty criminal. He managed to stand out by showcasing empathy in situations where characters like Trevor would tear the sky apart. This also made him hilarious at times. An underworld genius taking unfair roasting from his counterparts is something you don't always see in dark games like GTA San Andreas.

This article highlights Carl Johnson's funniest moments in GTA San Andreas.

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5 most funny Carl Johnson "CJ" moments from GTA San Andreas

#5 Fat CJ

Image via Grand Theft Auto Quotes, Youtube
Image via Grand Theft Auto Quotes, Youtube

Carl Johnson normally doesn't engage in self-pitying behavior but that's because normally he thinks he is supremely cool.

That, however, is not the case when he gains some weight in GTA san Andreas.

The mission, Green Goo features an alternative scene where players see the other side of Carl Johnson.

The regular cutscene has an alternative in which CJ is so fat he cannot complete the mission. As if that wasn't enough, the poor guy gets unfairly roasted by a completely random dude who was supposed to help him.

"You gotta lose some of that ballast first, fat ass," they say after he calls for assistance.

"Man, I'm just big-boned, that's all," is his reply.

Definitely one of the most hilarious moments featured in GTA San Andreas.

#4 Busted Carl


Carl gets yelled at a lot in GTA San Andreas, but the scene where he overdoes the innocent trait and gets busted by both Sweet and Kendl is just hilarious.

Sweet Johnson: You're dressed like a hooker!

Kendl: You two would know what a hooker looks like.

Carl Johnson: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Sweet and Kendl in unison: Shut up, Carl!

Perhaps CJ really needed to learn when to shut up. Undoubtedly one of the best scenes from GTA san Andreas.

#3 His unhinged curiosity


For some reason, Carl Johnson was very interested in where the Pope relieves his bowels. His weird obsession with the pope and his private business didn't make sense but it was certainly hilarious.

Carl Johnson: Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Cesar: Why you always saying that? I already told you. Where the holiness does his business, is his business.

In another scene, Carl Johnson behaves more like an impish 9-year-old than a criminal kingpin. GTA San Andreas sure had diversity.

#2 Always so blunt


When Woozie, who is unanimously agreed upon as the most hilarious character in GTA San Andreas, told Carl about his blindness, the latter just let it all out in two slap-to-the-face words.


Another hilarious scene that shows CJ from GTA San Andreas wasn't well acquainted with societal customs.

#1 The Truth scene


The Truth shouldn't have been called the Truth if he didn't want people to be confused about his identity, but then it's GTA San Andreas, the land of self-centered goons and underworld misfits.

The Truth: Carl…

CJ: Who is this?

The Truth: It's me. The Truth.

CJ: Who?

The Truth: Perfection. They said you were a moron.

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