5 interesting facts about GTA 1 that fans might not be aware of

Image via Gaming Reddit
Image via Gaming Reddit

Most fans aren't aware of what GTA 1 is like, let alone the game's interesting facts.

Some fans would even go as far as to consider the most minor of GTA 1 details as a fascinating fact most fans aren't aware of. There are several reasons why players don't know much about GTA 1, but that doesn't change the fact that more players should be aware of some legitimately interesting facts about the game.

After all, GTA 1 is the game that started the iconic series. It may not have had the crucially high ratings GTA III brought to the series. It doesn't even have the lasting reputation other old GTA titles like Vice City bring to the table. Still, GTA 1 deserves some praise for what it's got to the video game industry.

Five interesting facts about the original GTA fans might not be aware of

#5 - GTA 1 had multiple protagonists, including women

Image via Audie Bakerson (Twitter)
Image via Audie Bakerson (Twitter)

GTA 1 offered players eight possible choices in which protagonist they could choose. Bubba, Kivlov, Travis, and Troy were the four male options (with Kelly showing up later in the GBC port), while Divine, Katie, Mikki, and Ulrika were the four female options. All stories were the same, so the player's choice was mostly just a personal preference sort of deal.

The only real change to picking the GTA 1 protagonist was the colors of the player's pixels. It wasn't huge or anything like that, but GTA 1 was more primitive than the later GTA games. Multiple protagonists weren't like how GTA 5 handled it, as the player could only pick one (thus being unable to swap to another).

#4 - The Trump Tower is on the box art for GTA 1

Image via GTA Reddit
Image via GTA Reddit

Naturally, Trump's character isn't as controversial as it is today. However, it's still an interesting thing to look back on retrospectively, especially since GTA box arts look different in the modern era. Unsurprisingly, it's just box art. The players cannot enter Trump Tower or do anything else about it.

There is another box of art without the Trump Tower, where it's a little more reminiscent of the classic random stuff in different boxes than formula players can see in modern GTA box art.

Sadly, there is no helicopter in the top left, nor is there some random eye candy to catch a player's eyes. GTA 1 was a different breed altogether, and fans would have to wait until GTA III to get the more iconic box art.

#3 - GTA 1 had expansion packs

Image via CDRomance
Image via CDRomance

Long before GTA IV would return to the concept with The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned, GTA 1 had its own two expansion packs.

GTA London 1969 was the first expansion pack to GTA 1, and it comes with 30 new vehicles and 32 missions for the players to enjoy. Predictably, it takes place in London, as opposed to the original locations of GTA 1.

New characters were introduced in GTA London 1969, which also show up in the next expansion pack, GTA London 1961. As that game takes place eight years earlier, the characters are younger.

But there are additional new modes to differentiate itself from its predecessor. The most noteworthy of which was a multiplayer map based on Manchester where players could play deathmatches.

#2 - The player could visit Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas

Image via GameFAQs - Gamespot
Image via GameFAQs - Gamespot

The idea of visiting these three locations is often a dream of modern GTA fans. Surprisingly, they could do it back in GTA 1 (although the maps were noticeably different from the modern versions of those cities). The player starts in Liberty City, eventually goes to San Andreas, and then finally shows up in Vice City.

Considering everything is seen from a top-down view, these three cities' landmarks aren't awe-inspiring to look at. Interestingly, GTA 1's expansion packs took place in London, a town that hasn't returned to a modern GTA title. All locations have unique maps and layouts, so it isn't just a lazy reskin.

#1 - GTA was originally a different game known as Race'n'Chase

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

GTA wasn't the original concept DMA Design had in mind when designing the game. Instead, it was another game known as Race'n'Chase. It was also a game viewed from a top-down perspective, although its idea was noticeably different from that of GTA. In Race'n'Chase, the player could either be a cop chasing baddies or be a criminal street racing.

Graphically, it would've been quite similar to GTA 1. Interestingly enough, GTA 1 became the game after playtesters enjoyed a glitch in Race'n'Chase where police would be more aggressive towards the player and try to throw them off the road.

Initially, the law was going to pull the player over. After that, the rest was history, and GTA would get its start to be the icon it is today.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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