5 weapons from other battle royale games that should debut in Fortnite Season 5

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

There are tonnes of battle royale games in the market, but very few are as popular as Fortnite. The game already has an interesting set of weapons, but there are a few weapons from other battle royale titles that could make their way into Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2.

5 weapons from other battle royales that could potentially be in Fortnite

#1 - DMR 14


The DMR 14 is probably one of the most popular weapons in the Call of Duty Warzone. The weapon does a good amount of damage and can effectively take out enemies with a couple of bullets.

The gun's damage output is high, and it's incredibly accurate, especially over long-range. Players in Fortnite, who prefer snipers, will love to get their hands on this weapon in the game.

#2 - Groza


The second weapon on this list is also from Call of Duty Warzone. This weapon has a very high rate of fire. Assault rifles in Fortnite do not have a very high rate of fire, which is why this weapon will be close to home with assault rifle fans.

#3 - Kraber .50-Cal


The Kraber .50-Cal is a very powerful sniper rifle from Apex Legends. With a well-timed shot, this weapon can pierce through enemy armor and result in a one-hit kill.

Although Fortnite does have an interesting mix of sniper rifles in the game, it wouldn't hurt to have another one, especially if it's this powerful.

#4 - Wingman


Six round hand cannons, a.k.a. revolvers, are probably the best sidearms present in any game. Although their reload times are high and their magazine size is low, hand cannons have a good damage output.

The handguns in Fortnite aren't great, and the exotic handguns are pretty hard to obtain. Having the Wingman from Apex Legends as a random loot drop in Fortnite sounds like a good idea.

#5 - SKS


The SKS in PUBG is a decent DMR. It can hold its ground easily against the Kar98 and the Mini14. Although it's got a lower damage output than the Kar98, the rate of fire is definitely higher than that weapon. This weapon would definitely be a nice addition to Fortnite.

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