6 Fortnite Creative maps pros use to better themselves (& you can too)

Fortnite Creative comprises a number of map codes that can turn a player into a pro (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Creative comprises a number of map codes that can turn a player into a pro (Image via Epic Games)

In Fortnite, to become one of the best of the best, players need to prove themselves with every match. Competitive players practice everyday in creative game mode which comprises of a variety of maps that helps them learn and hone their skills to get battle advantage against other loopers.

The main skills that pro Fortnite players aim to improve using these maps are building, editing, mechanics, environmental awareness, high-ground retakes, etc. It is not an easy task to master these skills and maps as it takes a certain amount of time, patience and dedication.

The community has different map creators that help create such maps which easily help even an amateur player to become a decent player in-game. But when pros use these maps, the world watches them and tries to use the same maps at their perusal.

Here are 6 Creative maps that can help any player practice like a pro.

Top 6 Fortnite Creative maps pros use to become better at the game

1) Raider's Piece Control Course (Map Code: 1997-0442-4892)


Raider is considered one of the most technical players with precision. He created a piece control map as it is one of the important elements that can help players win a 1v1 fight against their opponents. The map includes various levels from amateur to pro level courses.

The map can help increase a player's ability to think and explore different scenarios for a wider combat perspective. It is one of the recommended maps used by Bugha and Mongraal as well.

2) CoachJazz's Movement Course (Map Code: 0401-0054-5856)


An important key element which can boost a player's precision and timing, is movement. There are different movement techniques that players do on a daily basis, to help them be more accurate and easily take complicated shots from certain angles.

CoachJazz's Movement Course provides movement courses in different levels according to the player's experience. It also helps in peaks and various different combat scenarios that a player can train for. This in turn helps players to be more confident in their W-keying and getting an easy elimination.

3) Flea's Edit Map (Map Code: 7301-0487-6832)


Flea is a renowned Fortnite montage editor and content creator. He recently created a more user friendly edit course that targeted the basics of editing in builds. This map does not target a specific area point of skill but focuses on the entire base.

New Fortnite players can use this map to familiarize themselves with the building and editing concept. It's even recommended by pros such as itsjerian.

4) Clix Boxfights (Map Code: 7620-0771-9529)


This was a revolutionary map that was created by pro Fortnite player CLIX, which had reached the top of the list of must-use maps for pros. The concept of boxfights allowed players to access their capabilities and go past their potential. It focused on mechanics, aim, movement, coordination, and quick decision making.

Almost every pro player has played on this map and enter it on a daily basis to better themselves as a warmup to the game.

5) KNG Zonewars (Map Code: 8585-0663-5258)


Zonewars was another concept that was added to the competitive world of Fortnite. Box fights and Zonewars go hand-in-hand for players to be better at the game.

This is a practice map that puts on a challenge for players to battle it out in an open-area, where the storm closes in rapidly, which in turn enables adrenaline and quick decision making in players. This map functions both in practicing solo or with a team.

6) Realistics by finest (Map Code: 7950-6306-4857)


Realistics, as the name suggests, provide players with an arena to fight and practice on the same base, which is similar to the battle royale island. This in turn gives players an advantage in discovering different situations and how to tackle them the next time they play a Fortnite Battle Royale match.

The map offers different guns to fight with and different terrain after every round. These maps are used mostly by Benjyfishy who is an expert in his mechanical ability and tight combat scenarios.

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