A Fortnite bug is turning everyone into a default skin 

A new Fortnite bug is turning everyone into Ramirez (Image via SHAD0W Reddit)
A new Fortnite bug is turning everyone into Ramirez (Image via SHAD0W Reddit)
Shubhendu Vatsa

Bugs and issues are not uncommon in Fortnite, and Chapter 3 is also not immune to them. While some of these gremlins can be game-breaking, others are entertaining and humorous. This season alone, we have seen numerous bugs and glitches, allowing players to turn invisible or earn insane amounts of XP.

Currently, the Fortnite community has come across a new type of issue in Chapter 3 Season 1, where their skins are not loading properly. As a result, most or a group of players end up seeing the same generic or default skin in their lobbies.

A New Fortnite bug is making everyone look the same in Chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite skins are an excellent way to distinguish between other players and they also add an element of style. From Naruto to Spider-Man, players can choose any skin they like, and having exclusive skins even helps distinguish pros.

Players have now come across a strange bug in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 that is making everyone look alike. A Redditor shared a video showing player skins not loading properly in the lobby. Loopers are getting dropped with a generic or default look, which in this case is the default Ramirez skin. You can check out the Reddit post below.

As can be discerned from the image in the Reddit post, a bunch of players with identical default Ramirez skins can be seen in the pre-game lobby waiting to drop on the island. This Fortnite bug has been encountered on several platforms and numerous players have seen the original skin switching to Ramirez and then reversing back, making players go crazy.

Others in the Fortnite community have rightly raised the question of why one should buy expensive skins if everyone is going to end up looking the same.

This is a genuine concern as players invest huge sums of V-Bucks to get exclusive and limited-time skins in order to stand apart and create their own look. While Epic Games has not acknowledged the bug, we are likely to see a patch deployed soon.

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