Better Call Saul's Gus could soon be getting a Fortnite skin

Fortnite x Breaking Bad
Gus from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul could be added as a Fortnite skin (Image via Sportskeeda)

The next Fortnite skin might be a popular character from Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, Gustavo Fring. There have been many rumors regarding this skin, but it appears that Epic Games is finally considering adding the popular character to the game.

Gus was shown in the latest Fortnite survey, so there is a good chance Epic will add him to the video game at some point. These two shows have achieved a lot of success, and another spin-off might be in the offing, which is why Epic Games could make this collaboration happen.

This article will reveal everything we know about Gus as a Fortnite skin and when it could be released into the game. We will also look at other characters from the popular show that might be released in-game.

Gustavo Fring could soon become a Fortnite skin

Gus from Breaking Bad could become a Fortnite skin (Image via Epic Games)
Gus from Breaking Bad could become a Fortnite skin (Image via Epic Games)

During Chapter 3 Season 3, Epic Games made an interesting map change with one of the updates. This map change added an RV, and its location was in the desert.

Adding an RV usually wouldn't be a big deal, but this time, it was different. The RV is most likely a reference to the first episode of Breaking Bad, a show that has Gustavo Fring as its main antagonist.

Ever since this happened, there have been numerous rumors regarding the Fortnite x Breaking Bad collaboration.

"Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad)" is actually mentioned in Fortnite's latest Survey 😭Along with: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangersn What If..?, Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Adam, Khaby Lame, Charli D’Amelio, Miles Morales, Fe4rless, Dead by Daylight & more..

In August, Epic Games finally released Gustavo Fring in a Fortnite survey. While these surveys don't mean much in general, they show which collaborations Epic Games could release to the game.

Thousands of players have asked Epic to add Gustavo Fring and other characters from the show as Fortnite skins, yet the development team still needs to do so. Considering that it's been more than two months since the latest survey, there is a chance that Epic will add the character very soon.

Besides Gus, Fortnite players would love to see Walter White and Saul Goodman. All these characters have appeared in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, so adding them to the game would be the right move.

When could these Fortnite skins come to the game?

Epic Games will release a big Fortnite update very soon (Image via Epic Games)
Epic Games will release a big Fortnite update very soon (Image via Epic Games)

The next Fortnite Battle Royale update will be released on Tuesday, November 15. This is a major update, which means that Epic Games will add a lot of new content, including new skins and map changes.

Epic is currently focused on finishing the Fortnite season and preparing everything for the upcoming live event. However, there is a chance that Gustavo Fring and other Better Call Saul characters will come with the update. After all, the development team released another Rick and Morty collaboration with the Fortnitemares update.

The exact time of the update has yet to be revealed. However, we expect it to be released around 4 AM Eastern Time.

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