Can Fortnite ban you for using glitches and exploits?

Browsing the internet to look for some easy-going glitches & exploits (Image via Twitter/MissAK1tty)
Browsing the internet to look for some easy-going glitches and exploits (Image via Twitter/MissAK1tty)

Can Fortnite ban you for using glitches and exploits in-game? Yes and no. While the support team can and will issue a ban on players caught using glitches and exploits, it all depends on the severity of the offense.

For instance, gaining a large amount of experience points on a Fortnite XP map is not a punishable exploit. Likewise, breaking a mechanic in-game is not something that players can be punished for.


Since no third-party software such as 'aimbot' is involved, Epic Games cannot legally ban a player outright. That said, there are always exceptions to the rules, but they are only enforced when a player has been abusing the exploits to hamper fair gameplay. Here's a bit more information on the topic at hand.

The wonderful world of glitches and exploits in Fortnite

What is usually considered a glitch or exploit in Fortnite? Well, it truly depends on the situation or gameplay in which either of the two originates. In most instances, with the Creative mode still being developed, running into XP glitches in the form of secret buttons on maps is the most common instance.

In fact, there's a whole sub-community that dabbles about with XP glitch maps. While not all of them work as intended, they provide a good chunk of XP every now and then. Since these are limited to Creative, players will not be banned for using them.


Since it's Epic Games' job to vouch for Creative maps and check them for anomalies, anything that gets past them is not a player's concern. However, the same cannot be said for glitches and exploits in the battle royale mode.

Since those in the BR mode can be used to 'grief' fellow players and disrupt the flow of a match, the support team takes them more seriously. However, if the glitch or exploit originates due to a mechanic that exists in-game, again, the player cannot be blamed.


The most recent example would be the Shhh built-in emote that comes with Neymar Jr. After a game-breaking exploit was discovered, Epic Games disabled it in competitive playlists and tournaments. Similarly, if any in-game mechanics or items are found to have glitches or exploits, Epic Games disables them.

In this manner, players will not be able to use them for extended periods of time to hamper fair play. However, if the glitch or exploit originates from outside the game, the support team will drop the ban hammer immediately.

Are XP glitches in Fortnite bannable?

With Chapter 3 coming to an end soon, a lot of players are scampering about trying to find XP maps to level up. While in the past, a few players were temporarily banned for using XP exploits to level up in Creative mode, those days are far behind.

As mentioned, with the onus falling on Epic Games to ensure that things are in order, players cannot be held responsible. The best example of this would have to be the XP glitch caused by a Discord bot that gave players over four million experience points at once.

As far as I can see, Epic's stance on whether or not today's XP glitch is bannable is still undecided.At least, that's what I understand about the situation after asking an Epic Games employee about it.Make of this information what you will.

With all that said, while XP glitches are indeed okay to use, they are not worth it for the most part. With not all XP maps working as intended or having been nerfed after the glitch was showcased, players will end up wasting time trying to level up.

On that note, players trying to level up to reach seasonal level 200 in their Battle Pass should play Team Royale or complete challenges to earn XP. Additionally, for those who own Fortnite Save The World, completing daily and weekly challenges will yield quite a bit of XP.

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