Can you get old Battle Pass skins in Fortnite? 

Can players still get any of the old Fornite Batlle Pass skins? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Can players still get any of the old Fornite Batlle Pass skins? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Whenever Fortnite announces a new Chapter, the first thing leakers and data miners rush to break is the upcoming Battle Pass as it is one of the most exciting things about any new Fortnite chapter.

One feature that makes grinding the pass important is that if the items get reset with the start of a new Chapter, players won't be able to acquire the said items again. Essentially, players cannot obtain items or skins from older Battle Passes.

Exploring Battle Passes in Fortnite and why old rewards cannot be acquired

Chapter 3, Season 3 Battle Pass! #Fortnite

For the uninitiated in Fortnite, the Battle Pass is a bundle of exclusive skins and other cosmetic items that can be redeemed as the player progresses through the game. However, one has to purchase the Battle Pass to acquire the featured items.

It often features some very interesting collaboration skins and cosmetics, many a time from pop culture. For instance, the newly launched Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass has collaborated with Lucas Films and introduced Darth Vader and Indiana Jones as playable characters in the game.

This is just one example of the impressive collaborations Epic has had over the years. While many players buy the Battle Pass, some don't. Players who started playing the game a little bit later don't really have any access to skins or cosmetics from the passes that were released earlier.

Since its introduction in 2017, Fortnite has launched a series of Battle Passes with every new chapter. Over time, the game has garnered massive popularity, attracting a plethora of new players to the game every day. The new 'Zero Build Mode' is attracting more new players than ever before.

'Skin Changers' and their impact on Fortnite's community

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Obviously, the game didn't have as many players as it does now when it was first launched. Players who started playing the game later, have no access to skins or cosmetics from earlier Battle Passes. These exclusive skins are not accessible in any other way, except for one, Skin Changer.

As the name suggests, these are computer applications coded to provide players with access to every skin that was vaulted. It doesn't matter if the skin was vaulted or simply discontinued. Players can access almost every skin the game has ever had.

Not just for Fortnite, these applications are present for almost every popular game in this format. If players visit the website of these alleged applications, they will always be reassured about the application being completely safe and untraceable by the anti-cheat system.

However, most of them don't work. If they do somehow, the acquired skins will only be visible to the player. No one in the match-making lobby or the live game will be able to see it. This may seem fine to some players who are getting the skins for no cost.


However, this undermines the efforts of the delevopers who have worked really hard to bring forth such an immersive experience. This not only affects the developers of Fortnite, but also the franchises who collaborate with Epic.

Skin Changers are illegal, and players are advised against its use. They do sound lucrative, but something that is at somebody else's expense is downright illegal and should be frowned upon.

Using these applications can render players' accounts permanently banned from the game. All of the hustle, down the drain. Developers often incur losses in such instances for no fault of their own.

In conclusion, it is not possible to acquire old Battle Pass skins and cosmetics, and any way to do so is illegal and advised against.

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