Doctor Doom may make a cameo appearance during Fortnite Live event, show leaks

Fortnite Doctor Doom (Image via Epic Games)
Fortnite Doctor Doom (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite and Marvel have a stellar working relationship. The past three seasons have featured a Marvel character in the Battle Pass, while Chapter 3 Season 2 had two, as The Prowler was the secret skin this season. Throughout that time, characters like Spider-Man (from No Way Home), Scarlet Witch, Moon Knight, and several others from Marvel have landed in the Item Shop.

The game even had a full Marvel Battle Pass back in Chapter 2 Season 4. Characters like Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Groot, and Mystique were all involved. If there's one thing Marvel likes to do with characters, it is to give them a cameo, as seen in both Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The Marvel season (Image via Epic Games)
The Marvel season (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite may be taking notes or just absorbing Marvel's behavior after working with them for so long because the Chapter 3 Season 2 live event may feature a major cameo.

Fortnite leak shows potential Doctor Doom appearance in live event

The Fortnite x Marvel comic run Zero War has not been released yet. It will be available in the next month or so and will feature codes for free cosmetics, including Marvel skins.

The comic appears to be heavily connected to the current storyline, as the war between the Imagined Order and The Seven has been confirmed in that universe. Now, the comic's latest covers might reveal something that's coming in the live event.

NEW FORTNITE/MARVEL COVERS (Doctor Doom Appearance confirmed!)(Thanks to @FNBRintel for making me aware of this!)

There's no mistaking it. One of those covers features Doctor Slone, the current leader of the IO, with Doctor Doom, the most iconic Marvel villain. Doctor Slone will play an integral role in the live event, so Doctor Doom's appearance with her cannot be ignored.

The second cover may also indicate that Doom will show up. Many players have theorized that the Mechs will return and the Mecha Team Leader might be one of them.

In one of Jones Dialogues he confirms indeed that The Seven were rebuilding the MECH.

Doctor Doom being featured on the covers with not one but two potential key elements of this season's finale is probably not a coincidence.

Combine that with the fact that Doom is a character in the Fortnite metaverse, where all of those characters can show up at any time. It would make sense, and it seems very probable that the most fearsome Marvel villain will play a role in the upcoming live event.

The early trailers for Chapter 3 Season 2 showed The Prowler on the IO's side, but they might now be adding a serious threat to The Seven in the form of Victor von Doom.

Note: This information is based on a leak and the covers may be totally unrelated to the live event.

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