Epic Games asks leakers to not leak Fortnite Chapter 3, ends up leaking it themselves

Wonder who leaked the Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer (Image via kwc_fyra/Twitter)
Wonder who leaked the Fortnite Chapter 3 trailer (Image via kwc_fyra/Twitter)

Epic Games asked leakers to not leak Fortnite Chapter 3 details, then proceeded to do it themselves. It would seem that someone did an "oopsie" and managed to leak the Fortnite Chapter 3 teaser.

While the video didn't reveal characters or storyline details, a good chunk of the map was showcased. Additionally, the Cube Queen was last seen being submerged, while an ominous Kymera battle fleet stood at the ready to invade reality.

The incident has spawned several "memes" and the community as a whole had a good laugh. However, the question to be asked here is, "Will Fortnite leakers abide by the request or leak details anyway?"

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"To leak, or not to leak, that is the question."

HYPEX, considered by many as the head honcho of Fortnite's leaker community, has agreed to uphold Epic's request. Even if others choose to leak details, he will abstain from the same. However, if Epic Games themselves post something, there will be no holding back.

While many within the community agreed not to leak information, others had a different opinion. According to iFireMonkey, if one leaker is able to leak the update, he may follow suit.

As of now, there's no clear indication as to what will transpire on December 7. Despite Epic Games' best efforts, leaks are bound to come through. If not on Twitter, then on other social media platforms for sure.

What does the rest of the community think about the request?

Based on feedback, the community at large agrees with Epic Games. Having Fortnite Chapter 3 remain a complete surprise would be amazing. Given that a new chapter happens only once every two years, it's a huge deal for many hardcore fans.

Furthermore, going blindly into something new is an experience in itself. The thrill of not knowing what to expect outweighs a few leaks. Hopefully, most players will be able to dodge any Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks on social media.

Strained relationships between Epic Games and Fortnite leaker community

Keeping aside leaks and Fortnite Chapter 3, there is growing discontent between leakers and Epic Games. According to many, the developers see them as nothing more than "extra marketing pages."

While this may not be the case, they are not happy with the treatment received. Given that they play a huge role in hyping content, their voices are barely heard.

To make matters worse, certain individuals within the community are let off the hook despite breaking TOS. Meanwhile, leakers and others face dire consequences, resulting in a permanent ban on their Epic Games accounts.

With Fortnite Chapter 3 about to begin soon, hopefully both parties can solve their differences and meet on common ground. While the developers have indeed built something wonderful, without the goodwill of the community, the ecosystem will fall apart.

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