Every free reward you can get in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Listing all free rewards in the game right now (Image via Epic Games)
Listing all free rewards in the game right now (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games is known for handing out free rewards in Fortnite every now and then. From emotes to skins to other cosmetics, the developer has given back to the community as a show of appreciation.

Moreover, everyone likes receiving items for free. Fortnite is a battle royale, but everything available in the in-game item store is strictly cosmetic. These items don't affect the gameplay, barring a few skins.

The skins in question are just cosmetics, too, but they have certain features, like an extremely thin frame or being dark in color, making them difficult to spot in the shadows.

The new season is off to a fantastic start, and the community has yet to encounter its major threat. That said, here's a list of all the free items players can get their hands on in the game right now.

1) Battle Pass items


The first couple of items are currently free. Users don't need to purchase the Battle Pass if they want these items. They can claim the Double Shot Loading Screen, The Syndicate Music Pack, and the Twin Crossfire Back Bling for free without purchasing the Battle Pass.

However, loopers will have to gain 14 Battle Stars to claim these free rewards.

2) Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack


The Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack was introduced in Fortnite during the Epic Games Mega Sale in May. To claim this pack, gamers must log in to Fortnite through the Epic Games Launcher and head to the Item Shop.

The Volcanic Assassins Quest Pack can be claimed from the Item Shop for free until June 26. However, it has quests associated with each cosmetic. Players should complete these quests to unlock all the cosmetics in this pack.

3) Victory Umbrella


The Victory Umbrella is another item that Epic hands out for free during every new season. To get it, users must get their first Victory Royale in the current season.

This reward can be claimed across all battle royale modes.

4) Item drops

Epic also offers free rewards if gamers complete an activity on other partner sites. They can now claim the free Vibin' emote via a Twitch drop.

Loopers can also claim the free Dazzle Dazzle Pick Axe by logging into Fortnite through Xbox Cloud Gaming.


For now, these are the only free rewards that Epic is handing out in Fortnite. The developers can choose to retract them at any time, but it's unlikely they will do so.

Some free rewards are available for a short span, so readers need to get their hands on these items as soon as possible.

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