Every known member of Fortnite's "The Seven" so far (& everyone who is unknown)

Every member of The Seven known so far (Image via Sportskeeda)
Every member of The Seven known so far (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite storyline has seen some amazing and mind-blowing twists in the past couple of seasons and Epic Games has finally shown off more of the mysterious in-game organization called The Seven.

As the name suggests, the Seven is a secret organization consisting of seven sentient beings, pledged to safeguard the Zero Point against all threats, primarily the Imagined Order.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 heavily revolved around the Seven, with Epic finally revealing the face behind the Foundation as well as introducing us to new characters.

Despite this, there are still a few members of the Seven of whom we know nothing of right now. So, in this article, we will talk about every member of Fortnite's "The Seven" known so far and everyone who is unknown.

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Every known member of Fortnite's The Seven

1) The Foundation

After a lot of teasing and a few minor interactions, the developers finally revealed a lot of information and details about the Foundation. He is also the leader of The Seven and even saved the Island during The End and the Zero Crisis Finale events. The Foundation helped Jonsey to escape during the Chapter 2 finale event.

2) The Visitor

The Visitor working on some alien tech (Image via Epic Games)
The Visitor working on some alien tech (Image via Epic Games)

The Visitor was the first member of the group to come to the Fortnite island via a capsule inside a Meteor at the start of Season 4. The Visitor is an average-sized android and has its left bicep cover engraved with The Seven symbol.

In Chapter 3 Season 1, the Visitor got a permanent spawn location, located on the biggest island east of the Sanctuary.

3) The Scientist

Known as the engineer and a mastermind at building things, the Scientist is the self-proclaimed "most handsome of The Seven" and is a traveler from an alternative dimension.

Currently located in the main Sanctuary building on the Chapter 3 map, the Scientist is integral to the storyline and has its own set of quests.

4) The Paradigm

The Paradigm (Image via u/Ikcatcher on Reddit)
The Paradigm (Image via u/Ikcatcher on Reddit)

Often referred to as The Singularity due to similarities in her body armor, The Paradigm was first mentioned in Chapter 3 Season 1 by The Scientist trying to contact her.

She has still not been seen officially in the lore. Epic Games chief Donald Mustard has said in the past that she will play a big role in the story and goes by many names other than Paradigm.

Unknown Members of Fortnite The Seven

There are currently three members we know nothing of, not even their names. However, it is speculated that Origin along with Geno and their two sisters form the rest of the Seven.

Geno and their sisters have been talked about in the game and Agent Jones even knows how to get to them. It is possible that Epic Games might introduce them sometime next season to help them win the war against the IO. You can also find Origin's mask symbol at the Sanctuary on the Fortnite Chapter 3 map.

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