10 most useless additions Fortnite has ever received

Crossbows are one of the most useless items added to Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Crossbows are one of the most useless items added to Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Epic Games regularly adds new items to Fortnite so that gamers are not easily bored, and there are unique aspects to explore on the map. As a result, the developers have added several hundred items to the game. Some of these are absolute fan favorites, and loopers rely upon them with their eyes shut.

However, quite a number of items have suffered significantly and have been termed useless by the community. The intentions of the developers were noble behind adding these items. However, they failed to make a mark in Fortnite.

This article will enlist the ten most useless additions Fortnite has ever received.

List of 10 useless items in Fortnite

1) Crossbow


Trying to eliminate enemies with crossbows was quite a hectic task. The weapon had very low damage and took years to reload, making gamers vulnerable to enemy attacks. The projectile of the shot also had to be adjusted accordingly to get the maximum impact. It was termed useless and lost the initial hype.

2) Smoke Grenade


Smoke Grenades are pretty helpful in BR titles. But, it was utterly useless for Fortnite. The game is primarily meant for shooting enemies and surviving. The terrain of the island and the map's layout are not suitable for bamboozling enemies using the smokescreen and escaping the scene or ambushing them.

3) Remote Explosive


Placing an explosive and detonating from a distance has its own set of disadvantages. Although the damage was massive, it was quite difficult to understand the route of the opposition. On more than one occasion, loopers ended up wasting the explosive as no one crossed the area where it was placed.

4) Damage Traps


Damage Traps were to be placed inside structures and anyone who entered would trigger the system, leading to damaging the gamer. Similar to Remote Explosives, it was completely based on luck whether the enemy would enter the structure or not.

5) Hand Cannon


Extremely inaccurate and slow, the Hand Cannon is considered one of the worst weapons to be added to the game. Its low damage adds more vulnerability to the weapon, making it a useless item in Fortnite.

6) Balloons


It was introduced to offer a levitating experience to loopers. Using it negated fall damage and deploying three balloons caused the gamer to be lifted above the ground as well. The effect lasted only for a few moments, making the item useless and without purpose.

7) Grenade Launcher


It may seem to be a useful item in the game, but in reality, it is the complete opposite. The grenade that launches out takes a few moments to explode. Therefore, enemies can easily flee the scene and prevent taking any damage from the weapon.

8) Port-A-Fort


This item constructed the tower in an instant. Although the readymade structure was beneficial for gamers, the design was bizarre and did not assist gamers at all, especially when they needed a slope structure to fire at opponents from a safe space. No doubt it is considered one of the most useless items in Fortnite.

9) Hop Rocks


Hop Rocks does not heal health but provides low gravity surroundings. It was also impossible to place them in the inventory. Using Hop Rocks kind of exposes the position of the gamer, making them vulnerable to enemy bullets.

10) Chiller Traps


The basic function of traps was to damage enemies and prevent them from gaining an advantage. Chiller Traps were completely broken and did the opposite. Fortnite gamers pondering over the traps experienced uncontrolled movements. However, the speed and momentum increased considerably, leading to an advantage.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the writer's own views.

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