Fortnite: 5 Marvel & 5 DC characters players would love to see

Dr. Strange skin should be in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr. Strange skin should be in the game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite is one of the few platforms that has united DC and Marvel stans. The famous Battle Royale franchise has successfully collaborated with two of the biggest superhero cinematic universes. The release of popular DC and Marvel characters as in-game skins was a massive hit among gamers.

Epic has already released some of the most popular characters to the game. However, several other characters are yet to be released. Introducing these unreleased characters will be quite a significant move from Epic as gamers will love to own them in the game.

This article will list five DC and Marvel characters that players would love to see in Fortnite.

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Marvel characters that should feature in Fortnite

5) War Machine


With Iron Man already in the game, it is high time gamers get a War Machine outfit in Fortnite. It will be entertaining to watch both the outfits wreck havoc on the island, fighting opponents with ease.

4) Vision


The humanoid's demise earned him a show with his beloved Wanda. The character and the show received some fantastic responses from fans. It was speculated that Vision would arrive in Fortnite with the rest of the pack.

However, his absence has disappointed gamers, and everyone hopes that he will make an entry to the game soon.

3) Wanda


It is hard to separate Wanda from Vision, and therefore, it can be stated with surety that the release of Vision skin will also release Wanda into Fortnite. Loopers have been quite vocal about having a skin based on her character. It is high time the developers meet the demands and release the Wanda skin.

2) Odin


Thor and Loki have already made their debut as in-game skins. It is high time to add their father, Odin, to the game as exclusive skins. Odin is quite reputed to be a fierce fighter and, therefore, will fit the game perfectly.

1) Dr. Strange


The majestic magician is getting a new movie in the coming months. This will be a perfect opportunity for Epic to enter into a collaboration and release the much-needed Dr. Strange skin into Fortnite.

DC characters that should feature in the game

5) Mera


Aquaman's stint as a Fortnite skin can be termed a successful one in the community. However, it is essential to bring his partner, Mera, aka the Queen of the Seas, into the game to make things more interesting. Once Epic decides to release the skin, the duo will be a massive hit among gamers.

4) Green Lantern


One of the most popular characters belonging to the DC universe, Green Lantern, has failed to feature in Fortnite in past collaborations. The superhero skin will be a great addition to the game as its original outfit stands out from most DC superheroes.

3) Shazam


The superhero got his dedicated movie a few years back. However, it failed to make it to the game even though gamers across the globe loved it. With Chapter 3 already winning admiration across the community, gamers hope that Shazam will get a dedicated skin soon in the upcoming seasons.

2) Alfred Pennyworth


Batman's most trusted ally, Alfred, should be one of the greatest additions to the game. The character features responsibility, courage, and utmost loyalty, and it won't be surprising if gamers purchase this skin in most numbers.

1) Cyborg


The Cyborg outfit has been teased time and again by the developers. However, it is yet to make an appearance in the game. The superhero with immense strength and wit, Cyborg, will be a great addition to gamers' inventory.

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