Fortnite: A Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration could be on the way

Captain Jack Sparrow might be heading towards Fortntie (Image via YouTube/EveryDay FN)
Captain Jack Sparrow might be heading towards Fortntie (Image via YouTube/EveryDay FN)

Fortnite has been on a hot steak lately when it comes to collaborations. Chapter 3 Season 3 is already making headlines for being one of the most collab-intensive seasons to date. While players got exciting crossovers from Among Us, Naruto, and others, a lot of new collabs are on the horizon.

Fortnite is infamous for hiding Easter eggs. A while back, a bathtub on the ledge of a dilapidated building in Greasy Grove sparked speculation that a Family-Guy crossover was imminent. However, it didn't manifest.

The community recently discovered an item on the map, which is speculated to be an Easter egg for an upcoming collaboration with Disney. From the looks of it, the item does suggest a collab with one of the biggest pirate film franchises in the world.

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Ahoy Fortnite!

The popular data-miner EveryDay FN recently uploaded a video in which a player lands at Lockjam Lotus. While scrambling, the player stumbles upon a boat that looks similar to the crew ship of Captain Jack Sparrow, the infamous swashbuckling pirate from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Upon spectating closely, the small boat looks strikingly similar to Jack Sparrow's ship. Black sails are in tethers while the mast sports a platform that is similar to what the eccentric pirate uses to proclaim himself to the sea gods. Famous stage and screen actor Johnny Depp enacts the character of Jack Sparrow in the film series Pirates of the Caribbean.

Of late, Mr. Depp has been the cynosure of entertainment news across the world for his involvement in the convoluted defamation case against his former wife Amber Heard. The case has gone on to become infamous and has put Mr. Depp in the limelight for his composure and wit in the courtroom.


For any enterprising individual, this premise is nothing short of a goldmine. One can bank upon Depp's rediscovered popularity. Though there isn't any concrete lead, it seems very plausible that Disney might use this premise to re-introduce Captain Jack Sparrow into pop culture. Epic maintains a healthy relationship with Disney when it comes to collaborations.

Building upon the aforementioned facts, it is possible that Fortnite might get a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover. Players must keep in mind Epic's idiosyncrasies when it comes to hinting at upcoming collaborations. A befitting example of this is from Fortnite Chapter 3, where a refrigerator randomly spawned near Condo Canyon.

The refrigerator was ultimately connected to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. A few seasons later, Indy made his way into the game. For now, the whole idea of Captain Jack Sparrow's crossover is nothing but mere speculation. It is not yet concrete enough to garner traction from other popular dataminers.

But one mustn't discount the possibility that this could manifest into actual collaboration. The community now waits with bated breath for any random announcement pertaining to Pirates of the Caribbean in the game.

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