Fortnite has ability to turn into whole different game in seconds, new clip proves

A Lightsaber swordfight in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 (Image via aberslappy/Reddit)
A Lightsaber swordfight in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 (Image via aberslappy/Reddit)

Most battle royale games are all about shooting and surviving, but Fortnite is leagues apart. It can turn into an entirely different game in just a few seconds, given the variety of weapons and mechanics it has to offer.

A clip that recently went viral on Reddit shows the last three remaining players in a Solo mode match battling it out to win in a swordfight. They used the all-new Lightsabers in Fortnite to determine who gets the Victory Crown.

Clearly, when the game originally came out, players never thought this would be the future of Fortnite. Even the building mechanisms were highly unique to the BR genre. Five years later, the game has loopers swinging around Lightsabers and flying in the air.

Greatest Fortnite swordfight users have ever seen

Epic Games unvaulted the Lightsabers once again for the May the Fourth event, and they are here to stay until May 17. Naturally, gamers wanted to make the most out of these fun Mythic weapons.

Therefore, when the last three remaining participants in a solo game realized they all had Lightsabers, they decided to engage in an epic swordfight.

Krisabelle, Mandalorian, and Master Chief stood in a triangle with a Lightsaber in each of their hands. They decided to start the greatest swordfight "Truel" players have ever seen.

Obviously, the trio started with good old-fashioned taunting using emotes before leaping onto each other with their Lightsabers.


As Krisabelle ran away from the fight, Mando successfully managed to take down Master Chief after landing a few successful hits on him. Unfortunately, the Halo star couldn't escape The Mandalorian's wrath.

Krisabelle died shortly afterward as Mando caught her vulnerable inside a river. Naturally, it makes sense that Mando would know best how to use a Lightsaber.

How much has Fortnite changed in the last five years

Epic Games has focused on creating a metaverse in its battle royale title. Therefore, what was once a survival game with building mechanics now has parkour, web-shooters, tech from the Avengers, Lightsabers, and so much more.

In one moment, 100 gamers are battling it out to be the best, and in the other, they are enjoying Ariana Grande's Rift Tour concert.

Truly, the BR game has come a long way since its initial release. It never gets boring, as users can enjoy it whichever way they choose. It also offers a variety of Limited Time Modes that loopers can enjoy if they are bored of classic game modes.

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