Fortnite basketball hoop locations: All 30 hoops in NBA Creative Hub

Here are the locations of all 30 hoops in NBA Creative hub (Image via Epic Games)
Here are the locations of all 30 hoops in NBA Creative hub (Image via Epic Games)
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Shubhendu Vatsa

There's a new quest in the Fortnite Creative Hub that requires you to find basketball hoop locations all around the map. Epic Games has joined hands with the NBA to promote NBA's 75th Anniversary Season and NBA All-Star 2022. They are bringing a few new collab-inspired skins and a new hub for NBA-themed Creative Mode, where players can perform challenges to earn free rewards.

One of the quests asks you to "Sink Baskets at the NBA 75 All-Star Creative Hub." There are 30 basketball hoop locations within this Fortnite hub, and in this guide, we will list each site so that players can efficiently complete the quest.

Where to find all basketball hoops in Fortnite Creative Hub?

As already stated, there are 30 basketball hoop locations located both indoors and outdoors. Here are the locations of all the different basketball hoops in Fortnite:

  • In the main court area, there's a garbage can on a high shelf.
  • There are two basketball hoops in the main court area.
  • There are two hoops hidden behind the "Most Popular" panels located at the ends of the main court area.
  • Behind the "Photo #1" booth.
  • A top of a dolly, near the exit to the backyard.
  • Near the exit to the front yard, there are two hoops hidden on each side of the hall.
  • Walk up the stairs, and you will notice two hoops on either end of the walkway.
  • Two hoops inside the restaurant on the fireplaces to the left and right of the countertop.
  • Four hoops on the right side of the front yard (upon entrance, turn right). Two on a court and two on a wall.
  • Near the court, look at the bleachers to find garbage that acts as a hoop.
  • Clothing shop with a garbage basket close by.
  • Behind the clothing shop, there's a garbage basket and two other hoops hanging on the wall.
  • There's another court near the right corner that has a hoop on the court, a hoop hidden by a fence, and a garbage basket near the court.
  • Near the left side of the court.
  • Enter the backyard, turn around, and you will see some shelves containing two garbage baskets on them.
  • From the shelves, turn around to see two hoops. One is above a bus while the other is nearby a wall.

Readers can watch the video below for more information:


These are all the basketball hoops in Fortnite. As soon as you get the last basketball in the hoop, you will get a message expressing that you have completed the quest and can exit the hub.

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