Fortnite player discovers an ingenious way to fly in the game

Here's a simple trick to fly around the Creative map (Image via JustAFrog)
Here's a simple trick to fly around the Creative map (Image via JustAFrog)
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Fortnite players like to develop new and ingenious ways to enhance their gameplay experience and in-game fun. There have been several instances where players have exploited a glitch or taken advantage of Fortnite mechanics to do something entirely out of the box.

From secret hiding spots to finding new ways to use Pizza slices, players come up with new tricks and techniques every day. Recently, a player found a great way to launch and glide without using Launch Pads, making the players' lives easier.

Now, a player has found an innovative way to fly around in the game using an Iron Man Jetpack. However, this can only be implemented in Fortnite Creative.

Fortnite player has found an amazing way that makes flying around the map easy and fun

this is so much more fun than normlaly flying!!!#Fortnite #FortniteCreative

Usually, players have to cover most distances on foot, which can be time-consuming. While Epic Games has not yet introduced a flying mechanism, the community has devised ways to achieve that.

Taking advantage of Fortnite Creative, a player has made it possible to levitate around the map. A player going by the username JustAFrog on Twitter shared a fantastic yet simple trick that allows him to fly around the Creative map. You can check out his post below.

However, keep in mind that this can only be done in Creative and not in the Battle Royale mode. The player even shared his technique on how to build an Ironman Jetpack. Epic Games recently added the Skydive Volume feature in Creative, allowing players to "create a zone where players are put into a skydive state".


Now, to make an Ironman Jetpack, jump into a Creative map and bring out the Skydive Volume device. Then, set the width, depth, and height to any value of your preference.

Then, go to all options and make sure that the "Enabled During Phase" option is set to "ALL" and the "Push Force" option is set to 0. This is important for this trick to work. Also, disable the "Players Skydive FX" toggle, and you are now all set to fly. Put on any glider of your liking and fly around the map.

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