Fortnite YouTuber figures out how to cancel fall damage completely with Pizza slices

Here's the best way to use Pizza items (Image via Kobes Shorts/YouTube)
Here's the best way to use Pizza items (Image via Kobes Shorts/YouTube)
Shubhendu Vatsa

Fortnite Chapter 3 has introduced some fabulous new items like tents, Med-Mist, and Guzzle Juice, which have found fantastic usage. The community loves to develop bizarre techniques to take advantage of these items, which sometimes can be helpful.

Epic Games recently added the Pizza Party item, a health and shield item, allowing players to heal up to 100 health and 50 shields with one box. However, a user has devised a completely different way to use Pizza slices in Chapter 3.

Pizza slices can cancel fall damage altogether in Fortnite, unofficially

Since the advent of Fortnite, loopers have always tried to come up with ways to use certain items in ways distinct from what the developers have intended. This creativity has led to the invention of some of the best tricks and techniques, like finding skybase tricks.

The Pizza Party item is out now. Can be found in/at (not in Comp):- Creative- Supply Drop- Eliminated Llama- Floor Loot & Chests- Tomatohead at Tilted Towers for 50 Gold

Now, a Fortnite player, Kobes Shorts, has found a wonderful way to put the new Pizza slices to use. In one of his YouTube videos, he shows off his technique, collecting different Pizzas from different locations and building up to the sky limit.

After reaching the sky limit, the gamer throws a Pizza box on the build and stands on it. He then edits it, leading to him and the Pizza box falling straight to the ground.

In ordinary circumstances, dropping from such a height would instantly result in death. However, nothing happens to the creator, and he survives the fall.

Readers can watch this video for better reference:


This means that standing on Pizzas will cancel fall damage, making this Fortnite item overpowered. It's been just a few days since the arrival of this item, and users have already started figuring out ways to take advantage of it.

Epic might not have thought this was possible and might fix this bug with a patch in the next update. This technique is quite powerful and can be used to drop in on loopers from above, as simply standing on the Pizza box will cancel all fall damage.

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