Fortnite YouTuber finds a hiding spot that makes players almost invincible

A player finds a hiding spot that makes players almost invincible (Image via Kobes Shorts)
A player finds a hiding spot that makes players almost invincible (Image via Kobes Shorts)
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Fortnite players are always on the lookout for great locations that can give them the upper hand against others or lead them to victory. The latest Chapter 3 map has undergone various transformations, with the most recent update seeing the addition of new POIs, NPCs and more.

Covert Cavern is a brand new POI introduced in Chapter 3, which serves as an IO base and even houses a Mythic SMG weapon.

A Fortnite player/streamer has discovered an excellent hiding site near Covert Cavern, which not only conceals players from their opponents, but also makes them nearly unbeatable.

A Fortnite YouTuber discovers a near-perfect hiding spot in Chapter 3 for easy victories

With the v19.20 update, Epic transformed Pinnacle Peak into a giant Imagined Order base, featuring zip-lines, jump-pads, and docks. Since the POI is on the hilly side of the map, the surrounding area makes for some good hiding spots.

Recently, a Fortnite streamer and player, going by the username Kobes Shorts on YouTube, revealed a near-perfect hiding spot around Covert Cavern.

The said hiding area is on a mountain peak to the right of the main entrance. The peak has a few antenna towers and a big underground hole, which contains a small platform.

Players can jump inside the underground whirlpool-like structure and hide beneath it, making them invisible to anyone looking from above or even standing on the platform.


Furthermore, the small platform cannot be destroyed, further securing the hidden players. No amount of shooting on the platform will deal any damage to the player hiding below.

However, hidden players can be killed if they deploy their glider. Apart from that, a grenade launcher or flare gun is the best way to lure out them out.

Covert Cavern... it has so many entry locations around the mountain. Have fun exploring it! #Fortnite

Hiding in the spot makes the player almost invincible, as players can remain hidden for as long as they like. The spot can be useful, especially if the final circle closes in on the area, and the player can likely remain hidden until the very end of the match.

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