Fortnite leak shows Dusty Divot might be making a comeback in Chapter 3

Leaks suggest Dusty Divot might return in Chapter 3 (Image via Epic Games)
Leaks suggest Dusty Divot might return in Chapter 3 (Image via Epic Games)

Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 3 has been excellent so far and is quickly being regarded as among the most successful seasons ever. The developers have introduced several new mechanics, cosmetics, and map changes that have made the game more fun and compelling.

The surprise return of the OG Tilted Towers in Chapter 3 has added an element of fun, and the POI has seen plenty of action since its return.

Now, if new leaks are to be believed, another classic Chapter 1 POI could be set to make a comeback to Fortnite Chapter 3. Players have found evidence that hints at the return of Dusty Divot from Chapter 1.

Fortnite Chapter 3 could see return of Dusty Divot, as per new leak

Dusty Divot, a POI introduced back in Season 4, was home to a temporary government research facility to study a meteor crash that annihilated the Factory and a blue warehouse.

In Season 10, Dusty Divot was replaced by the former Dusty Depot, due to the orb at Loot Lake causing a time rewind. However, recent leaks have hinted at the return of Dusty Divot in Fortnite Chapter 3.

A Fortnite player and streamer named Koooooomar has shared some vital lore-related information on Twitter. His post states that the IO flatbed truck textures have a second UV set mapped to them, and when put on to a trailer, the trucks look identical to those in Dusty Divot in Chapter 1.

Fortnite just made a HUGE connection in Lore (at least unofficially). The new IO flatbed truck textures have a second UV set mapped to them. When put onto a TRAILER, it is the SAME trucks that were in Dusty Divot in Chapter 1!The IO is Chapter 1's "Agency"#FortniteLeaks

Koooooomar even says that the IO is Chapter 1's Agency, meaning that the it has been ruling and controlling the island for years now. The IO, on paper, might seem like a friendly organization with a noble cause, but the organization is just the complete opposite. The IO might have been ruling the island for a long time, and while their true objectives are unknown, they most certainly are not on the good side.

@SSauce710 DUSTY DIVOT MAP?!?!?!DUDE THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!Now only if someone would make a Polar Peak map, then I can finally experience all my favorite chpt 1 POIs!

The organization just wants to harvest and take advantage of the island's resources for its own good and welfare. However, it's still unknown why IO wants the Zero point and what its plans are with the powerful object.

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