Fortnite Carnage & Venom Mythic weapons are about to be vaulted

Fortnite Carnage & Venom Mythic weapons are being vaulted soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite Carnage & Venom Mythic weapons are being vaulted soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The Fortnite Carnage & Venom Mythic weapons brought about a massive shift in the meta of the current season. Skilled players could use the weapons to wipe out squads hiding behind cover as well.

In addition to dealing 60 damage against opponents, they even provided a speed boost and granted players the ability to redeploy from low heights. Suffice to say these two mythic weapons did it all.

Symbiotes Clash2 canisters have dropped onto the Island. Choose your side in a battle for survival by bonding with the Carnage or Venom Symbiote! The Symbiotes leave the Island on October 18th.

Sadly, players have just over a week's time to say their goodbyes as Epic Games will be tossing them into the vault. According to the latest information, both the Carnage & Venom Mythic weapons will be vaulted on October 18th, 2021.

Possible reasons why Fortnite Carnage & Venom Mythic weapons are being vaulted

It's unclear why this is being done, given that both weapons have become fan favorites in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. Although the developers haven't really given any reason in particular, there are a few speculations regarding the same floating about.

1) They are overpowered


It goes without saying that the most obvious reason as to why the Fortnite Carnage & Venom Mythic weapons are being vaulted is because they are overpowered.

While on their own these weapons are indeed dangerous, players have found ways to counter them. However, ever since the Shockwave Launcher was reintroduced to the loot pool, things have become crazy.

When the Shockwave Launcher is used in conjunction with the Carnage or Venom Mythic weapon, players don't really have a viable counter. Given how this has become an unstoppable new meta, perhaps the developers think vaulting it is for the best.

2) New weapons coming to the loot pool will replace the old ones

Reminder that these are the upcoming funding rounds, Round 2 will probably start this Tuesday or next update. What are you voting for?- Round 2: Combat SMG OR Combat AR- Round 3: Boogie Bomb OR Combat Shotgun- Round 4: Flint Lock OR Proximity Launcher

Given that a lot more weapons will be coming into the season via the War Effort donations, perhaps the developers think that things would become too messy for players with so many weapons lying about.

Based on the information, another three new weapons will be coming from the donation drive, while another two should be coming from the Sideways. Given these facts, it's a legitimate reason for vaulting two mythics.

3) New Mythic weapon - Naruto's Kunai

@iFireMonkey You think they might put in that Kunai Mythic in still? Bring my boi

According to the Fortnite Reddit insider, alongside the Naruto skin, a new Kunai Mythic weapon will be added to the game. While this is just speculation as of now, perhaps the developers are finally getting ready to unveil the much-anticipated collaboration and are vaulting others to make space.

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