Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 leaks: Monster "Caretaker" to be released soon

The Caretaker will be coming to the island soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Caretaker will be coming to the island soon (Image via Sportskeeda)
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With corruption spreading on Fortnite Island, dark tidings are just beyond the horizon. A new cube was recently born out of the bowels of Steamy Stacks, and with October around the corner, things have been getting spookier than ever in-game.

Following the 18.10 update, new spooky NPCs were introduced to the island alongside unique new cosmetics. Dual Fiend Hunters were also added to the files but are yet to make it to the game.

While there is still limited information regarding the mysterious upcoming Fortnitemares event, players can expect Epic Games to add more Halloween-themed cosmetics and items soon.

The Dual Fiend Hunters will most likely release next Tuesday as a content update, as of now they're set to spawn in floor loot, supply drops & sideways chests (could change)Body & Headshot Damage is multiplied by x2 when shooting at the sideways monsters/fiends!

In addition to items, cosmetics, and events, based on new information from Fortnite leaker HYPEX, it would seem that the giant monster/fiend first teased in the Season 8 Battle Pass trailer will finally be coming to the game.

Upcoming Fortnite boss monster "Caretaker" carries around some impressive loot

According to new leaks by HYPEX, an upcoming monster, codenamed "Caretaker", will be coming to the island soon. This new boss will not only be coming to the popular Horde Rush LTM but even to the battle royale mode and will spawn more than likely with the Sideways.

Given that it's a new Fortnite boss monster, players can expect to face heavy resistance while trying to defeat it. However, those who do succeed will be well rewarded for their efforts.

There's an upcoming monster codenamed "Caretaker" for BR & Horde Rush LTM (Final Boss), he spawns as 3 around the map.He drops 50 cube shards, heals, one or multiple legendary/mythic weapons including: sideways scythe/shotgun, scar, pump, fiend hunter dualies & more..

Based on the information at hand, the "Caretaker", once defeated, will drop a myriad of valuable items and weapons, as well as restore players' HP and possibly shields.

Aside from healing, this new Fortnite monster will also drop Legendary/Mythic weapons, including Scar, Pump, Fiend Hunter Dualies, and new upcoming Sideways weapons such as Scythe/Shotgun.

In addition to the above-mentioned weapons, the "Caretaker" will also drop 50 cube monster parts that can be used to upgrade Sideways weapons to make them even more powerful.

Sadly, despite all the goodness that comes from this new boss monster once defeated, there is no timeline in place as to when loopers can expect to see it in-game.

While it's likely going to be added during the Fortnitemares event, it's still unclear when that will be. However, based on speculation, it could be sometime around mid-October.

Furthermore, for readers hoping that "Caretaker" is secretly a codename for Siren Head, that possibility will not come to fruition anytime soon. Given that the developers have assets in development, it's going to be a brand new kind of monster and not a collaboration.

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