Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Naruto skin, Mad Max collaboration and more

It would be cool to see Naruto running down a pyramid (Image via Twitter/cv_teen)
It would be cool to see Naruto running down a pyramid (Image via Twitter/cv_teen)

Fortnite Season 8 arrives in just over a week's time and is scheduled to go live on September 13. While a few things may have been confirmed for the new season, much of it remains sheer speculation.

Nonetheless, based on a steady stream of leaks, multiple sources and information provided by an enigmatic Reddit insider, a few collaborations and in-game events will come true.

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Five new things players can expect in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

1) Apocalyptic theme

Following the Fortnite 17.50 update, a loading screen was added to the game. Now, while there's nothing odd about a new loading screen, this one featured a desert biome and a Mad Max-styled character alongside the car.

Additionally, according to prominent leaker HYPEX, four new props called "Desert Cactus" were added to the game. The cactuses may function as consumables, and may also work like Chonker's Tires.

Given that a Pyramid POI is more than likely going to be added, a Mad Max collaboration may happen as well. More information should become available prior to or just after Fortnite Season 8 begins.

2) Naruto skin

So far, the information provided by the Reddit insider has come true - from the Rift Concert, to the new Crew pack and even the end-of-season event. Given the accuracy of the leaks, the possibility of having a Naruto skin in-game is stronger than ever.

Based on the information provided, Naruto will be featured in Fortnite Season 8's Battle Pass and a Kunai will be added to the game as well. It's unclear if this item will be an in-game weapon or a harvesting tool.

3) The Walking Dead

Given that The Walking Dead Season 11 began last month, there is a possibility of it having another collaboration with Fortnite. Considering that Darly and Michonne are already part of the Fortnite metaverse, the next logical step would be either to bring in Negan or Rick, or perhaps both.

4) The Sideways

With Fortnite Season 8 running through the month of October and subsequently Halloween, players will get to see an in-game event known as "The Sideways". It's unclear if this will be part of Fortnitemares or an independent event altogether.

Nonetheless, with the files getting updated and added to the game, it's a given that players will indeed have some Halloween-themed events taking place during the upcoming season.

5) Kevin returns

Kevin the Cube has been spotted all over this season - from being showcased during the Rift Tour, appearing as a tiny cube inside the Impostors LTM, and now being displayed alongside the plans of "Operation Sky Fire".

It's truly perplexing and mind-boggling as to how Kevin will be brought back to the island. Will he be summed up by Slone's countermeasure devices? Or brought in by the aliens as a last resort? No one truly knows, except the developers, of course. Players will just have to wait until the end-of-season live event to find out.

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