Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 XP method is giving over 200,000 experience per match, here's how

Fortnite players can interact with Pitstop along the NPC quest chain to further their XP gains (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite players can interact with Pitstop along the NPC quest chain to further their XP gains (Image via Sportskeeda)

A minor loophole in Fortnite's Season 8 is allowing players to obtain massive amounts of experience in a single match with these short tricks. Players can perform this task alone, but playing with friends in a group awards more XP.

XP is crucial to leveling up and receiving Battle Stars for Fortnite's Battle Pass of the current season. The more experience players rack up, the more rewards they can unlock. Here's a quick guide on this crazy XP farming method and what needs to be done.

Fortnite NPC quests give out thousands of experience in a matter of minutes

First, a squad of Fortnite players need to venture to Holly Hedges where Toona Fish walks around on the Viking Ship. Grab his NPC quest and then purchase a Rift from the Mummy NPC nearby. Next, jump to Boney Burbs where Pitstop offers an NPC quest and grab it as well.

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After completing these 2 tasks, which don't require much effort at all, just a bit of searching and patience, Fortnite players need to head to Charlotte using the Vehicle grabbed for Pitstop's quest. Charlotte's quest is just as easy to complete, and all 4 players in a squad can finish it at the same time.

When all of these things are run solo, players receive almost 50,000 experience, more than what they'd get for completing a Punchcard quest for the week's NPC. However, within a squad of 4, all of the players will earn nearly 200,000 XP.

This XP run can be completed in every single Fortnite match, allowing players to farm XP and level up faster than any other method. Matches typically yield high amounts of XP regardless, but not in such high amounts if players just try to survive and grab as many kills and quests as they can.

Group up with a squad today to soar through the Battle Pass levels and grab Battle Stars by the bundles. Be on the lookout for enemies along the way, as this XP farming method pulls players to several different parts of the map.

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