Fortnite Chapter 3 leaks: Shield Sprinkler, Pizza Slice, Burst Squad Heal, and more 

Multiple new healing items will be coming to Fortnite Chapter 3 soon (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Multiple new healing items will be coming to Fortnite Chapter 3 soon (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Matthew Wilkins

It's been a week since Fortnite Chapter 3 went live. Players are still adjusting to the new mechanics, landscape and weapon "meta". However, by the looks of it, more items will be added to the game soon.

Based on the information obtained by prominent leakers, a myriad of new items are inbound to the game. They may be added during the first major update or over the course of the season. Here's all the information available on them.

New healing eyes confirmed for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

1) Shield Sprinkler

Here are the sounds for the new "Shield Generator/Sprinkler" item that was seen in the battle pass trailer

It's a large modified version of a garden sprinkler, except instead of water, it sprinkles players with shield potion. Sadly, it has a maximum stack value of one.

Once activated, it will restore two shields every 0.40 seconds. It has a lifespan of 30 seconds and will restore 150 shields in total. Whether it will affect the entire squad or just a single player is not clear at this point.

2) Shield Aura

Coming soon a new "Shield Aura" item, here are the stats:"Regenerates the shield of you and nearby allies over time, up to a limit." Shield per second: 1 Maximum shield it can give: 50 @FortniteGame#fortniteflipped #FortniteChapter3 #Fortnite

The Shield Aura seems to be a device created by the Seven. Once activated, it will restore one shield/second. It will regenerate shields for players and teammates up to 50.

It's not known if this item will be obtainable via normal loot, or if it will be purchasable from an NPC. Given its usefulness in combat, it could become a problem.

3) Pizza Party and Pizza Slice

Upcoming "Pizza Party" Heal Item:- Max Stack: 1- It has 8 Slices- Consume time: 1.5 second- Heal/Shield Amount: 25 per slice- Heal Cap: 100- Shield Cap: 50- Can be thrown at friends/enemies to heal them- Pizza Slices can be found/picked up alone, in stacks of 2

With the on-going Spider-Man collaboration, it was only a matter of time before pizzas would be added in-game. There are currently two pizza consumables that have been added to the files.

One is currently called "Pizza Party" and the other is "Pizza Slice". According to the information available, each slice will recover 25 HP or shields. The cap on HP recovery sits at 100, while that of the shield is limited to 50.

Pizza Slice:Max Stack: 2Consume Duration: 1.5 SecondsHealth & Shield Given: 25Shield Given Cap: 50

4) Rare Meat

Rare Meat has been added to the game files in v19.00- It heals for 50 HP (35 more than Uncommon Meat)- It can stack up to 2 meat in a single inventory slot

It would seem that the "Butter Cakes" in-game will drop Rare Meat on death. It will heal players for 50 HP and can be stacked up to two in a single slot. Much like Uncommon Meat, this item can replenish a player's HP to maximum.

5) Burst Squad Heal

The Burst Squad Heal will replenish the HP of all teammates in the squad at once. When activated, it will provide 75 HP in total and has a cooldown time of three minutes.

Given how powerful the item is, it will likely only be acquirable via purchase from an NPC for gold. Alternatively, players may even find them in Loot Llamas and Supply Drops.

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