Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: All NPC locations and what they offer

The NPCs of Fortnite are an ecstatic bunch! (Image via Twitter/alexmax_93)
The NPCs of Fortnite are an ecstatic bunch! (Image via Twitter/alexmax_93)

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is off to a great start. This time around, the bugs are limited, and the Chrome items/mechanics are making gameplay fun and exciting. Although slowly seeing the island turn to Chrome will be heartbreaking, there's nothing that can be done about it.

Despite ruination befalling the island, the NPCs of Fortnite have decided to stick it out to the bitter end. Much like the previous season, a few of them can be found scattered around the island, offering their services and goods in exchange for gold bars.

There are currently 22 main NPCs on the island, plus The Herald, who is the antagonist of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

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More characters will undoubtedly be added as time progresses, but for now, here's the complete list of NPCs, their locations, and the items/services they have for sale.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 NPC locations and offerings

  • Bao Bros - Inside of the vault located west of Ridgeline Ranger Station: EvoChrome Shotgun 'Rare' (100), EvoChrome Burst Rifle 'Uncommon' (50), and Activate Rift (250).
  • Beach Bomber - Coney Crossroads: Boogie Bomb (26) and Activate Prop Disguise (75).
  • Blackheart - Aboard the ship anchored at Lustrous Lagoon: Prime Shotgun 'Rare' (100) and Chrome Splash (250).
  • Bunker Jonesy - At the trailer far south of Fort Jonesy: Rapid Fire SMG 'Rare' (100) and Hire Bunker Jonesy (100).
  • Castaway Jonesy - Below the red house at the southwest of Fort Jonesy: Sidearm Pistol 'Rare' (50) and Hire Castaway Jonesy (100).
  • Cryptic - Inside the blimp anchored at Rave Cave: Med-Mist (25) and Hire Cryptic (100).
  • Evie - Syndicate Shoals: Boogie Bomb (26) and Activate Rift (250).
  • Fishstick - Sleepy Sound: Chug Splash (96) and Hire Fishstick (100).
  • Guaco - Greasy Grove: Chili Chug Splash (210) and Activate Prop Disguise (75).
  • Jonesy The First - Towards the west of Fort Jonesy: Prime Shotgun 'Rare' (100) and Hire Jonesy The First (100).
  • Kit - Scratch Pad: Lever Action Shotgun 'Epic' (250) and Hire Kit (100).
  • Kyle - The Chop Shop: Port-A-Bunker (200) and Chug Cannon (600).
  • Mancake - Rocky Reels: Shield Keg (250) and The Dub (600).
  • Maximillian - Atop the floating platform east of Floaties Boats: Chrome Splash (250) and Shockwave Grenade (36).
  • Meowscles - Scratch Pad: Hammer Assault Rifle 'Rare' (100) and Hire Meowscles (100).
  • Panther - Unmarked building POI northwest of Shimmering Shrine: Suppressed Submachine Gun 'Epic' (250) and Reveal Future Storm Circle (175).
  • Relaxed Fit Jonesy - Fort Jonesy: Firefly Jar (150) and Hire Relaxed Fit Jonesy (100).
  • Rustler - Southeastern edge of Shifty Shafts: Boom Sniper Rifle (600) and Give Small Tip (250).
  • Sabina - Shell Or High Water: Bounty (75) and DMR 'Rare' (100).
  • Stash'd - Chonker's Speedway: Rapid Fire SMG 'Rare' (100) and Hire Stash'd (100).
  • Sunbird - The Temple: Shadow Tracker (400) and Reveal Future Storm Circle (175).
  • The Underwriter - Top floor of the office building at Tilted Towers: Shield Potion (120) and healing.
  • The Herald - Herald's Sanctum: Drops The Herald's Burst Rifle 'Mythic' after being defeated.

Readers can watch the video below for more information on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 NPCs:


Note: The locations of NPCs and their offerings in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 may be subject to change as the season progresses.

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