Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Live event: Explained

Fortnite Chapter 4 island
From restoring The Zero Point to bringing in a new reality, here's what went down in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 live event (Image via Epic Games)

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 live event, Fracture, concluded a few hours back, and players will soon be stepping into the brand-new Chapter 4. As the community eagerly awaits dropping onto a fresh map, they can't stop discussing the event that concluded Chapter 3 and watching replays of the same.

Prior to the Fracture live event, Epic Games informed players that it will be approximately 40 minutes long. The leaks showed that there would be a few quest-like challenges for players to complete. Some leakers shared screenshots of the event, but they were deemed fake by many. However, they turned out to be real, much to the sadness of those who saw them despite not wanting leaks.

As loopers entered the Fracture Live Event playlist, they saw a stunning animation of chrome in their lobby before loading into a small area levitating in space, where the event countdown was visible on an old TV next to a campfire.

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Once the countdown ended, the screen went white, and players saw the cinematic that marked the official beginning of Fracture. Here's a recap of everything that went down during the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 live event.

The Paradigm and the loopers save The Zero Point in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 live event


The Fracture live event in Chapter 3 Season 4 began with a cinematic of loopers camping on top of the Reality Tree surrounded by their builds to prevent the chrome from taking over.

Then, the scene shifted to the The Herald slowly approaching the loopers, who opened fire immediately. She caught a rocket and turned it chrome, establishing her power over the island's weaponry. However, when all the loopers opened fire rockets at her simulateneously, she could not defend herself and burst into tiny pieces of chrome.

Just when the loopers thought they had won, The Herald emerged again, this time as a giant chrome version of herself, and turned everything around the Fortnite island chrome, including the loopers. This resulted in the reality bubble being chromed as well, and it burst into Nothing.

Zero Point's energy is depleted and floating in space (Image via YouTube/EverydayFN)
Zero Point's energy is depleted and floating in space (Image via YouTube/EverydayFN)

After a black screen, the loopers could be seen floating in a dark space with the fully-depleted Zero Point exposed in front of them. Shortly after, the Zero Point began emitting rays and dragging different parts of the Fortnite island from over the years. The loopers were in the middle of all of it.

However, with the Zero Point not fully charged up, The Paradigm could then be heard instructing Amie (The Scientist's AI) to seek the help of loopers to collect Zero Point fragments from around the space and slowly piece together the broken island.

The next segment of the event allowed players to move around different POIs or Landmarks from previous Fortnite seasons and gather Zero Point fragments by completing several quests. They could also use telescopes to spot easter eggs from previous Fortnite seasons floating around the space.

Players needed to collect Zero Point fragments to restore the energy source (Image via YouTube/EverydayFN)
Players needed to collect Zero Point fragments to restore the energy source (Image via YouTube/EverydayFN)

Moreover, the landmarks had several objects that players could interact with to see flashbacks of some of the most iconic Fortnite live events like Polar Peak monster vs The Mecha, Kevin the Cube's history on the island, Agent Jones' quest to contain the Zero Point, and even Chapter 3's Collision.

As they continued to collect more fragments, the Zero Point pieced the island together until it was fully restored. The Paradigm could then he heard telling Amie that she was using Reality Fusion to create a new Fortnite island with the Zero Point and that she was apologetic to The Scientist for being selfish about her Reality Zero pursuits.

The event then cut to another cinematic. The Paradigm could be seen standing on top of a mountain on another reality, which then got pulled in by the Zero Point into Reality Zero where a new island was being formed.

As the fragments from different realities joined together, players could spot characters like Doomguy, The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia, Geno, Hulk, and more floating across the space. The cinematic ended with a glimpse of the new Chapter 4 island suspended in space and a new Battle Bus boosting onto the island, marking the completion of the event.

After the cinematic cut to black, players got a loading screen that is currently running. Popular Fortnite content creator SypherPK speculated that the downtime should be ending around 5 am ET.

You will have to wait a few more hours for the servers to go live, but the gameplay and Battle Pass trailers are set to drop soon. They will give you a true glimpse of the upcoming chapter.

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