Fortnite Chapter 3 will feature an all-out war between The Seven and Imagined Order

There's a war brewing in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
There's a war brewing in Fortnite Chapter 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)

War is brewing in Fortnite and while it may not be a war to end all wars, it will certainly shape the destiny of the Metaverse. The Seven and the Imagined Order will go head-to-head in a 'winner-take-all' battle.

According to prominent leaker HYPEX, the signs of such an event happening are imminent. With the Imagined Order finally on the Flipside in full force, it will be only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose. Here's what players can expect to witness in the upcoming "War Season" in Chapter 3.

All these upcoming things are hinting more & more towards an IO & Seven war season, you can't tell me otherwise..- Tank Vehicle- Tactical Sprinting- Tactical Overshield- Clamber (Parkou/Climbing)- Unreleased Mythic Thermal AR- Vehicle Mods (Turrets & Possible Armor)

Armored vehicles and tanks

Epic are working on a Tank vehicle 馃憖 codenamed "TreadVehicle", no other info about this vehicle but i ASSUME it's a drivable driller because it also has those tread wheels..

Although vehicles have been present in the game for a while now, having armored or bulletproof variants will certainly be exciting. Being able to drive around the map without fear of taking damage from gunfire will be quite an interesting change.

However, it seems that the developers may be taking things one step further by adding in a tank. However, unlike traditional tanks, this one is unlikely to feature any weaponry. It will most likely be an armored vehicle meant to protect its passengers.

Tactical Sprinting, Overshield, and Clamber mechanics

Upcoming Gameplay Mechanics:- Tactical Sprint was updated today and it's now ready, only missing animations.- A new Mechanic got added called "Clamber", no idea what it is but it might be for parkours or something else..

At the start of Fortnite Chapter 3, a slide mechanic was added in. This allows players to rapidly move when going downhill and offers increased mobility within the game.

With the upcoming war on the horizon, the developers are hard at work on three new features/mechanics for the game: Tactical Sprinting, Tactical Overshield, and Clamber Mechanics.

ANOTHER upcoming mechanic, it's named "Tactical Overshield". This one will add MORE shield ontop of your shield & HP and it has its own shield bar above the blue shield bar. No idea how it's gonna be implemented tho, Maybe an upcoming Mythic!

While none of them have a release date yet, leaker HYPEX feels that they will be added during the "War Season." If this is the case, players will have multiple new features to try out in-game.

Upcoming Thermal AR

Upcoming "Mythic Thermal AR" Weapon Stats:- 39 Body/Builds Damage & 78 Headshot- Clip Size: 15 & Reload Time 2s- Firie Rate: 1.8 (70 DPS)This might be tied to an upcoming unnnamed POI codenamed "DDMachine" which mentions "Thermal" & "Lightning" stuff

Despite the Heavy Shotgun being added back to the game, the developers are working on yet another weapon called the Thermal AR. As the name suggests, it will allow players to spot opponents in any weather conditions.

The weapon will deal 39 damage to body-shots/build and double damage of 78 for headshots. It will feature a 15-round magazine and will take two seconds to reload. Based on these stats, it has a fire rate of 1.8 which is equivalent to 70 damage per second.

New vehicle mods for Fortnite Chapter 3

Epic are working on more vehicle mods again 馃憖Today they added a new mod that (from my understanding) attaches to the body of the vehicle (probably armor?). And also we know that we're getting a turret vehicle next season, that could be a mod too (been leaked since C2S5)

With the Imagined Order now present on the Fortnite Chapter 3 island, traveling in vehicles is not safe. With so many IO guards roaming about, things are bound to go south. Keeping this in mind, the developers will be improving upon vehicles currently available in the game.

According to leakers, a brand new turret and armor mod is being developed by Epic Games. In theory, these will snap onto vehicles and grant the user a tactical advantage in combat.

When will the "War Season" take place in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Quelques images de Covert Cavern :

Following the Fortnite update v19.20, Covert Cavern was added to the map. With the introduction of this POI, the bulk of the IO forces are now on the island. From there, they are likely to strike at The Seven and hamper their war efforts.

Now, while this "War Season" may very well be Chapter 3 Season 2, it's unlikely that all the elements will be in place by then. Furthermore, The Seven are yet to retaliate or fight back against the IO's intrusion. This either means that they are unable to or don't want to at the moment.

Given these facts, it's likely that the war between these two factions will only occur during the end of Chapter 3 Season 3 or Season 4. Until all these elements and assets are added to the game, the storyline will not be able to progress further.

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