Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: How to use Havoc Pump shotgun to win close range fights

Havoc Pump Shotgun
A new variant of Pump Shotgun has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 (Image via Epic Games)

The latest season of Fortnite has arrived in Chapter 4, and with it, the newest futuristic biome sprawled throughout Mega City, where Loopers can jump in and enjoy the action. Grinding on rails, drifting Rogue Bikes, and a slew of new weaponry are just a few of the fun new elements that the current season has brought to the player base as they fight for the fabled Victory Royale.

The new weapons have been designed to reflect the excitement that Mega City and the arrival of Peace Syndicate have brought to the island, and each one is surprisingly powerful and versatile.

It's no secret that Loopers are overjoyed with this season's loot, and two weapons in particular—the Havoc Suppressed AR and the Kinetic Blade—have quickly emerged as fan favorites.

The Havoc Pump Shotgun, however, has rekindled players' affection for shotguns and has become an immediate hit. In close combat battles, the gun allows players to cause significant damage to opponents.

Here's how to make the most of this close-range weapon in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Fortnite Weapons Guide: How to use Havoc Pump Shotgun to deal damage in Chapter 4 Season 2

NEW SEASON = MUZ SEASON 😈What are we thinking about the new Havoc Pump Shotgun?

The Havoc Pump Shotgun is a new shotgun introduced this season for players to employ, increasing their chances of survival on the Fortnite island. The shotgun is extremely lethal, causing the most damage at very close range.

It is also said to be a modern upgrade to the traditional Pump Shotgun, a weapon renowned for its one-shot meta and stability in close combat encounters while engaged in a 1v1 situation with an opposing player. The current weapon, however, does not include the meta since its damaging statistics are more even-handed than those of the old weapon.

Havoc Pump Shotgun in-depth statistics (Image via Twitter/FN_Updt)
Havoc Pump Shotgun in-depth statistics (Image via Twitter/FN_Updt)

Damage, DPS, Magazine Capacity, Reloading Time, Firing Rate, and Pellet Spread stats for the Havoc Pump Shotgun are presented above. When fired from at least 5 meters away, a shotgun of uncommon rarity does up to 175 damage to the head.

Nevertheless, even in Zero Build mode, the 190 headshot damage dealt by legendary rarity weapons that players may improve using an Upgrade Bench or loot from Legendary Chests is useless against fully healed players.

Although these numbers are useful against an off-spawn foe that does not have a full shield bar, the shotgun's effectiveness decreases as a Fortnite match progresses to more sweaty fights.


In this situation, the Mythic rarity of the weapon becomes useful, as its headshot damage of 250 makes it the only shotgun in the game capable of a one-shot kill, thus redefining the meta in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. But obtaining the actual weapon is not easy.

As a storm circle begins to close, a Rift Encounter will be triggered, and the player will have to kill the Rift Encounter's boss, an NPC named Highcard. He and his two Wildcard henchmen can be encountered in Brutal Bastion, Mega City, or Shattered Slabs.

Mythic Havoc Pump is dangerous 😭 @Reetlol

Loopers could eliminate the boss and his two henchmen to get the Mythic Havoc Suppressed AR and a vault keycard. You should use the keycard to access a nearby vault. When entering, look for a platform or one of the chests to find the Mythic shotgun.

If you want to experience the classic one-shot meta again in close-range encounters, Chapter 4 Season 2 has you covered with the addition of this Mythic shotgun. Keep in mind that the shotgun is most effective when fired from a distance of one to five meters.

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