Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 weapons leak: Katana, Chains Launcher, new Shotgun and more

Fortnite Katana Weapon
Several new weapons are leaked to arrive in the next Fortnite season. (Image via Twitter/HYPEX)

The new season of Fortnite is almost here, and the internet is abuzz with rumors of what's coming. Over the past few hours, there have been a lot of leaks that have given players an idea of what to expect in Chapter 4 Season 2. Confirmed items and facts are being revealed by leakers, so loopers are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The leaks that came out yesterday included the reintroduction of Lucky Landing, the introduction of a futuristic city POI named Neo Tokyo, and a completely new movement mechanic called Wall Run. Leaks also suggested a potential Attack on Titan crossover, with Eren Yeager headlining next season's Battle Pass.

In addition to Eren, the new season will include several highly anticipated cosmetic items. To the delight of players, though, a slew of new weaponry will be introduced that will dramatically alter the nature of the Battle Royale and Zero Build modes.

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Although the weapons have been leaked in the past, sources have confirmed that they will be available when the new season of Fortnite is released next week.

Katanas, New Pump Shotgun, New Exotics, and more to arrive in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

The new season of Fortnite, according to renowned leaker HYPEX, will have a fair distribution of Melee and firearm-based weaponry. Possible additions to the upcoming season's weapon pool include the Swords utilized by players earlier this season at The Kid Laroi show or a Katana variant of the same.

New pistols and shotguns will be added to the loot pool in exchange for the existing weapons, which will be returned to the vault. It's implied that the former is also an exotic weapon known as the Rift Pistol, with which players can inflict damage and throw their opponents (or themselves) through the rift to get out of a sticky one-on-one fight.

Players have reacted negatively to shotguns since the iconic weapon was vaulted, but recent rumors have indicated that a new form of the legendary Pump Shotgun would be introduced to the game. While loopers are unsure, they believe the shotgun will be an exotic or mythical weapon related to the Attack on Titan crossover.

Levi uses a shotgun in Attack on Titan. (Image via Attack on Titan)
Levi uses a shotgun in Attack on Titan. (Image via Attack on Titan)

The popular anime series' character, Levi Ackerman, is known for his skill with a powerful shotgun that looks a lot like a pump shotgun and can do a lot of damage even at a distance. The return of the Pump Shotgun is something that players have been hoping for a long time, so their enthusiasm is understandable.

Further leaks revealed eight exotic weapons that may significantly alter the gameplay, as well as various new weapons, including the Chain Grenade and a new version of the Ranged Assault Rifle.

Furthermore, Flint-Knock Pistol, a fan favorite from Fortnite: Chapter 1, may be making a comeback, along with 13 other new Augments. New weaponry, however, will have some Japanese flavor in keeping with the season's rumored new setting, which may even include a Dojo-themed POI.

Additionally, the first-person perspective view mode, which has proven very popular in the game's creative and Save the World modes, is said to be making its way into the Battle Royale game mode next Fortnite season.

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