Fortnite community unanimously agrees on the most toxic thing you can do in-game

Teaming up in Fortnite is extremely toxic (Image via Pinterest)
Teaming up in Fortnite is extremely toxic (Image via Pinterest)

Behind the wholesome and cartoonish appearance, there are several things that are toxic in Fortnite. Epic Games' Battle Royale game is infamous for having one of the most toxic gaming communities. And some of its actions are so bad that they could make even Satan blush.

From flex building to using emotes on getting eliminations, there are several toxic practices prevalent among the players of the title. That said, after a recent Reddit post went viral, the community agreed on the one most toxic thing that players could do in-game.

Players who want to play the game as a team can play the Duo, Trio, and Squad modes. However, teaming has become a problem in Solo mode, something that is clearly against the Terms of Service and has seen players getting banned in the past.

Teaming in solo mode in Fortnite is the most toxic thing ever

A player recently shared a clip of a 1v1 situation. They were up against one opponent when, out of nowhere, a third player got involved and eliminated them. After eliminating the player, they proceeded to share the loot with the other player, clearly showing that the two opponents had teamed up against the user who uploaded the video.

This video started a discussion in the comments section about how teaming in solo mode is the most toxic thing in Fortnite right now. It ruins the fun for almost everyone who is a victim of teaming. The solo game mode is supposed to focus on 1v1 combat and puts players at a disadvantage when enemies decide to team up.

Not everyone is skilled enough to take out multiple opponents who are teaming and almost always end up dying. This is unfair to players grinding hard and playing the game the right way.

Fortnite community reacts to teaming in solo mode

The community is clearly against those who team up in Fortnite's solo mode; players instantly report anyone they find teaming with other players.

Almost everyone in the community agrees that teaming is the worst thing a player can do, and some people who commented on the clip even called out the players who'd resorted to teaming.

It seems like Epic Games has become lenient when it comes to players teaming up in Solo mode. This has started to happen a lot more often, according to players. And the developers need to start taking strict action against players who engage in the most toxic thing of all time.

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