5 reasons why Fortnite is the most toxic game in 2022 (& 5 why it isn't)

Several Battle Royale games are becoming toxic everyday (Image via pcgamer/Twitter)
Several Battle Royale games are becoming toxic everyday (Image via pcgamer/Twitter)

Fortnite has presented the gaming community with an interdimensional multiverse. With loads of elements and entities that are discovered daily in Fortnite, it has created one of the largest gaming communities.

Players across the world are ready to become loopers and fight alongside their teammates or alone for victory royale. Different players practice and hone different skills to present on the battlefield.

With this diverse opportunity to communicate, some portions don’t act as friendly as expected. Within the community, there are toxic players that play the game, which may not make it easy for other loopers to enjoy. This created a chain of toxicity and made it one of the most toxic games out there. But some say it isn't.

5 reasons why Fortnite is the most toxic game in 2022

1) Highly competitive


Due to the competitive nature of the players, they have a spike in aggressive and focused nature. Players are usually toxic to teammates for not following certain commands or instructions. Several pros or sweats who have been playing the game since its inception have taken over completely.

2) Rage moments


Rage moments in-game are very common, but the ever looping Battle Royale holds a record of having the most raging moments. Players, including kids over the age of 13 also rage a lot due to situations or circumstances that they don’t prefer. Even top-level pros are not able to hold good composure and rage in a manner where it could get hazardous.

3) Skill level difference


The gap between the pros and newly joined players is far greater than anticipated. Even average players can definitely conquer new players that join the game. The game has an entirely different approach to combat, which is why players who have joined the game are disheartened by getting defeated.

On top of that, some players even tease and shout out noobs to demoralize the player.

4) Toxic influencers and pros


Pros in Fortnite are known for their gameplay and represent a competitive community by being the best. The entire community who belong to competitive or who strive to be are following these influencers. Sometimes their toxic gameplay is carried over by people following who try to present similar behavior.

5) No skins No skill


Having rare and luxurious skins in Fortnite is a major backdrop that provides stereotypical thinking. Loopers differentiate between noob skins and sweat skins, or maybe sometimes even no-skins players.

They judge the player on the basis of their skin and may take a toxic approach if they don’t have any in-game cosmetics.

5 reasons Fortnite isn't toxic

1) Fun streamers and content creators


There are Fortnite streamers and content creators who provide wholesome and exciting content. It depicts how much fun the game looks and motivates other players to also give it a try. These streamers/content creators upload different videos of their adventures alongside their fan base.

2) Fun game modes


These game modes provide a platform for players to enjoy Fortnite in a different way instead of just being in a combat scenario and fighting. Due to the vast majority of options, the community has come together to help build and play these game modes to an extent.

3) Shows and live concerts


Exciting and breathtaking shows are held very frequently in the game. This brings the community closer and fan base to the related shows to jump in for reactions and discussion. In return, it creates both enjoyment and common interest amongst players.

4) Strict guidelines to hacking


Fortnite being a major Battle Royale needs to be kept in check for all hackers. Due to strict surveillance in 2022, hackers have reduced in game to almost 0 which makes it enjoyable.

Even if hackers emerge, the community can join forces together to report players and get them banned. This as well creates common ground to fight against corrupt players.

5) Open communication & Crossplay


Any competitive or non-competitive match requires basic coordination from players in order to win. Fortnite provides voice-chat for players to communicate in a designated and comfortable language to battle their way through victories across various platforms.

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