Fortnite cosplayer turns into Midas' counterpart 'Marigold', stuns everyone

Marigold cosplay wows the Fortnite Reddit community (Image via Sportskeeda)
Marigold cosplay wows the Fortnite Reddit community (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Given how popular Fortnite has become, it's transcended from a Battle Royale game to become embedded with pop culture. Where there's pop culture, there's cosplay. With so many original characters to choose from, players have no shortage of choices when deciding who to dress up as.

However, since a few characters stand out from the storyline for their originality and design, players prefer cosplaying them in most instances. Speaking of which, a Redditor named chlooeeeexox turned herself into one of the most loved characters in the game, Marigold.

Fortnite cosplayer turns herself into Marigold

In the game's lore, Marigold is none other than the counterpart of the Golden Legend, Midas. She was conceptualized and created by a Fortnite concept artist known as Kitsu.

Much like Midas, she too can turn everything she touches into gold. But unlike him, she's not hellbent on overthrowing the Imagined Order at any cost. That being said, here's chlooeeeexox's take on the character.

Based on general feedback from the post, the community loves the Marigold cosplay. Starting with the golden gun to the paint-dipped forearms, every detail is on point.

It's sad that this cosplay almost didn't make it to the internet, as the original poster was hesitant to post the image. Thankfully, everything turned out alright in the end. Here are a few reactions from other users:

Why is Marigold so popular in Fortnite?

To answer this question, one must understand the storyline and the dynamics at play within the game. To date, Midas is one of the most hyped-up characters that has been created for the Metaverse.

Despite disappearing at the start of Chapter 2 Season 2, his loyal fans kept him alive in memory. Since he's not in the game, it's only evident that Loopers will look to Marigold to continue his legacy somehow.

Even though she hasn't featured in-game all that much, the community's love for both the characters is boundless. Most hope that one day both of them will be reunited in the storyline and once more assume their rightful place on the island - which maybe soon.

Midas and his entourage should appear in-game next season if the recent leakers about the new Doomsday Device come true. However, without further evidence, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt. For now, all Loopers can do is reminisce about the golden era of Fortnite.

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