Fortnite Creative Maps for XP 2022

Last Modified Nov 25, 2022 16:14 GMT

Fortnite’s Creative mode has a lot to offer to the Fortnite community and they just don’t seem to stop when it comes to making the best out of it. Map creators have created tons of maps like adventures, deathmatches, deathruns, simulators, experiences and even horror rooms and have now even been able to crack the code to gain high amounts of XP in creative mode.

Every owner of the battlepass wants to complete it as soon as possible in the least amount of time to secure their items as not everybody loves grinding in matches. However, you have been warned, these XP glitches come with a price to pay and might lead to a ban. So proceed ahead at your own risk.

XP Map Codes in Fortnite

1. 1V1 Build Fights

Map Code - 8531-8146-6703

This map created by amor provides XP to players by simply clicking buttons around the map. The only challenge is to find them which can be easily done with the help of the tutorial videos. This map provides the player with around 20,000 XP per button pressed.

Tutorial link:


2. 1V1 Map

Map Code - 6165-7730-8021

This map too works in the same way as the first and is created by amor once again. This map too rewards the player with XP when the player builds around the map and pressing certain XP and secret door buttons.

Tutorial Link:


3. 1V1 Build Fight

Map Code - 9764-0194-8834

This map by fhocks is almost the same as the two maps mentioned above but offer a slightly different approach to collecting XP. This map provides the player with AFK Xp after completing a few parkour jumps and collecting objects. The player is then teleported back to the lobby and the XP can be seen increasing.

Tutorial Link:


Other Fortnite Creative Mode XP Room codes

4. DrFire 1V1 Build Fights

Map Code - 1710-8136-6400



5. Fire Vs Ice Rocket War

Map Code - 5334-3909-6744



FAQs About XP Map Codes

Q. Can using XP glitches get me banned?

A. Yes, there are chances that exploiting these glitches in creative mode can get players banned depending on how game-breaking the glitch is, so use the XP maps at your own risk.

Q. How to enter the maps in Creative mode using map code?

A. Players have to simply open the menu to change the game mode and enter the Map Code in the Island Code tab.