Fortnite disables Party Royale, and not a single soul wants it to come back — here's why

Users could relax and hang out with their friends in Party Royale (Image via Epic Games)
Users could relax and hang out with their friends in Party Royale (Image via Epic Games)
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In the v12.50 update, Fortnite added a brand new core mode. Party Royale was introduced to the game mode and was a laid-back alternative to the potentially high-stakes battle royale modes. Even the LTMs were not as casual as Party Royale.

In this mode, players could relax and hang out with their friends, play different minigames and even listen to concerts from artists like Steve Aoki, deadmau5, or Dillon Francis. There were even some in-game cosmetics available.

Party Royale has been temporarily removed as we work on fixing some issues in the experience

Now, it's been temporarily disabled. How temporary remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: gamers are not upset about it being removed.

Fortnite temporarily removes Party Royale to delight of many

On April 19, Fortnite Status announced a string of changes to the game, including the temporary removal of Party Royale. Many loopers were surprisingly pleased with this move, as the mode was controversial to many.

@FortniteStatus Keep it disabled. The only thing it’s used for is for kids to flex their cosmetics and do cringy emote battles

Party Royale was supposed to be a fun mode, but obviously, many gamers did not find it fun. One person wouldn't be mad if it returned but said it needed a significant overhaul.

@FortniteStatus Honestly the mode is good for hanging out with friends and also meeting new ppl, but the constant use of party hips and simps in the mode is killing my braincells.

According to one user, since there are no concerts in it anymore, Party Royale has no reason to be played.

@FortniteStatus just keep it disabled. ain't no actually care about it and it doesn't even have concerts anymore

Another thinks the removal is coming much too late.

@FortniteStatus By this point no one cares about party royale so keep it deleted 😅

According to this Twitter user, the mode is filled with bugs and not enough good stuff even to warrant a visit.

@FortniteStatus KEEP IT DISABLED!There is so many things wrong with this mode and it's making the experience.1. The Simps2. The Default Glitch3. The map is boring and no more concerts 4. Switch and the boats 5. The zipline glitch

However, not everyone wants to see the mode disappear for good. One looper is hopeful that Epic Games will fix the mode during its absence.

@FortniteStatus BRUHHHHHHHH It's about freakin time u cared about the mode. Thank you. I hope theres map changes, more events, more items to play around with and bugs are fixed. Like the lake glitch that was around for 2 seasons straight.

There are significant issues with the mode, so they may have to take it one step at a time to make it acceptable again. One Fortnite gamer believes that should begin with the map.

@FortniteStatus There’s a lot to fix in Party Royale, starting with completely changing the map 😭

It seems as if the mode is often used for inappropriate behavior with certain skins and emotes. For this reason, loopers are hoping it never comes back or comes back with a major change.

The mode does have uses, as this user points out. They like to have fun on it and not behave inappropriately.

@FortniteStatus I'm happy it wasn't deleted it is my favorite mode to have fun (not simp ofc because that's stupid)

The removal is very likely not going to be permanent. Epic will probably not permanently remove a popular mode despite all the outcry just because some loopers are unhappy with it.

A Party Royale concert (Image via Epic Games)
A Party Royale concert (Image via Epic Games)

They may update it and change things during the absence, but a permanent removal remains highly unlikely, meaning Fortnite players might be upset about that.

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