Fortnite Emote Royale 2022: How to participate, $2500 cash reward and more

Emote Royale is an exciting venture in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Emote Royale is an exciting venture in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

It's no secret that so many Fortnite dances come from something in real life. Even in the early days of the game, many of the emotes that players knew and loved were created in honor of a dance that someone did in the real world.

The Billy Bounce emote, Orange Justice and many more are direct references to actual dances that people performed.

Eventually, Epic began introducing these in a different format. Now, if it’s a popular dance and has a song that goes with it, both will be added to the game in an official capacity. These emotes, like Blinding Lights and Dance Monkey, are part of the Icon Series.

It's all in the footwork.Throw down some moves with the new Blinding Lights Emote inspired by MACDADDYZ on TikTok. Available now!

Even still, Fortnite players can be responsible for creating emotes that get into the game. Epic Games often hosts their Emote Royale, where competitors can try submitting emotes and winners can get prizes. Furthermore, they can get their dance added to the game. Here's how to participate, win and more.

Fortnite players can add an emote to the game in Emote Royale 2022

Emote Royale is a frequent event that Epic Games hosts where submissions from all across the world are sent in. Players everywhere jump at the chance to get a dance added to the game and send in their best work.

This year, the event will run from now until June 15. Players have until then to perfect, film and submit their dance of choice. The only real requirement is that they use Fortnite music from the file on this site.

Emoting is a prominent aspect in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Emoting is a prominent aspect in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Here's what Epic had to say about their contest:

"Fortnite’s Emote Royale contest is back, giving you the chance to inspire the creation of an in-game Emote! How does it work? Take a video of yourself performing an original dance or original motion, then share your submission on TikTok or Instagram Reels using the hashtags #EmoteRoyale2022 and #contest. The winning dance or motion will become an Emote in Fortnite, and the winning submitter will receive $2,500 USD plus the Emote!"

The submission process is simple. Players need to take their time to film the emote with the approved music in the background (sound effects are available as well).

Once done, all they need to do is share it on TikTok or as an Instagram Reel with #EmoteRoyale2022 and #contest in the caption.

Epic Games employees will then review all the submissions, which figures to be quite a few, and decide on a winner. The winner will be added to Fortnite and will receive a bonus check of $2,500 USD.


There's currently no timetable for when the winner will be announced, but it probably won't be too long after the competition ends. Then shortly after that, the emote will likely be available for purchase.

This year features one caveat: The emote doesn't have to be a dance, per se. It can be any kind of movement, so this year might feature some creative entries.

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