Fortnite: First ever LTM '50 v 50' is set to return in Season 7

50 v 50 LTM in Fortnite. Image via The Verge
50 v 50 LTM in Fortnite. Image via The Verge

Fortnite has come up with many Limited Time Modes and variations of those LTMs over the years. Solid Gold, The Floor is Lava and many more have highlighted the creative ability of the game developers.

The first LTM to ever hit the game was the 50 v 50 game mode. Players were split into two teams of 50 and would battle it out until there was no one left standing. It was a hit with many Fortnite players and has long been overdue for a return.

The recent return of 50 v 50 saw it stylized as a car royale and utilized in-game vehicles. The classic is now returning to Fortnite.

Fortnite 50 v 50 returns

Fortnite 50 v 50 was the first departure from the standard Battle Royale mode. Players fought in teams of 50 and it was the first time respawning was a part of the game. It truly revolutionized Fortnite in a lot of ways. Many aspects of the game today can be traced back to 50 v 50's debut.

According to renowned data miner HYPEX, the fan favorite LTM 50 v 50 is returning to Fortnite with no vehicles as a new tournament LTM. Fortnite has utilized in-game tournaments before and has plenty of upcoming tournaments.

This is the first LTM that Fortnite ever created, and arguably paved the way for all of the rest of them since. Solid Gold, Infinity Gauntlet, Floor is Lava, the Mandalorian LTM and so many more would probably not be around without the creation and success of 50 v 50. Fortnite has decided to bring back the original for another run.

Fortnite's Floor is Lava mode. Image via Daily Express
Fortnite's Floor is Lava mode. Image via Daily Express

The reaction from the Fortnite community has been overwhelmingly positive. The responses and reactions to that tweet show that the community has been waiting a long time for the original LTM to make its way back to Fortnite. The players loved it the first time around and will certainly make great use of the time it sticks around now.

50 v 50. Image via Mashable
50 v 50. Image via Mashable

Is 50 v 50 the greatest LTM ever?

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