Fortnite is forcing players to choose between the Combat AR and SMG, here is why

Why is Fortnite forcing players to choose between unreleased weapons? (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
Why is Fortnite forcing players to choose between unreleased weapons? (Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)
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With round two of funding for the Fortnite War Effort due to begin soon, players will be able to choose between two weapons and decide which one makes it into the game.

The first round was dominated by the Shockwave Launcher, which was recently added to the game. The next round will feature the Combat AR and Combat SMG, which has sparked a bit of a debate on social media.

Reminder that these are the upcoming funding rounds, Round 2 will probably start this Tuesday or next update. What are you voting for?- Round 2: Combat SMG OR Combat AR- Round 3: Boogie Bomb OR Combat Shotgun- Round 4: Flint Lock OR Proximity Launcher

While choosing between vaulted Fortnite weapons makes sense, given that they have been in the game at some point in time, the upcoming donation drive will feature two brand new weapons that have never been seen or used by anyone apart from the developers.

While this may not seem like a major issue to most, many community members have been irked by this decision, and many are asking the question: "Why would Epic Games do something like this?"

@HYPEX So they bring 2 new weapons to BR and make us choose only one?? Bruh

Fortnite Combat AR and SMG donation drive, winner takes all

With round two of the Fortnite War Effort due to start either on October 5 or October 12, fans have begun showing discontent on social media regarding the fact that they have to blindly vote between two new weapons.

Many players are rather annoyed that they have to vote without knowing what to expect in return. Given that voting costs Gold Bars, this is a legitimate concern. While there is a bit of clarity in terms of statistics for each of these new weapons, reading about it and using them in-game is an entirely different feeling.

@HYPEX i hate how we have to vote between two new gunswe dont even know wth to expect when we vote for one or anotherits like with the skin voting between new skins....

While some players are completely against the idea of having the Combat AR and SMG as part of some blind vote, some players have an alternative suggestion. A Twitter user, known as MSativa7 writes:

"Epic should add both Combat AR and Combat SMG to the game prior to the funding poll for a short period of time like the rift to go and shockwave launcher so that people can vote for one based on experience."

Indeed, a testing period or trial run of both the new weapons would help establish which one is better. However, given the fact that each season is three months long, is a trial period of even a few days going to provide a clear picture?

@GhostShadowFNBR @HYPEX I really hope that they have a testing period,where we get to choose which weapon stays,but also play with it,so that we can see how that weapon works. Like a day or 2 would be enough imo.

Furthermore, given that Epic Games themselves decided to pit these brand new weapons against each other in Fortnite, this is an indication that it was not an oversight on their part; it was exactly what they planned.

As of now, all Fortnite players can do is hope that both of these weapons get added to the loop pool next season; or somehow miraculously make it in-game some time during the current season, which in turn would make the entire funding process pointless to begin with.

live poll LIVE POLL

Q. Which one of these weapons is better?

Combat AR - more accurate pew pews

Combat SMG - faster pew pews

78 votes so far

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