Fortnite Halloween skins (2021): Every upcoming Fortnitemares skin leaked so far

Fortnite Halloween celebration event 2021 cosmetics (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite Halloween celebration event 2021 cosmetics (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The Fortnite Halloween Celebration will kick off very soon, and gamers are eager to learn about the skins featured during the spooky event.

Fortnite's success may be credited to the regular celebrations/events that make things enjoyable in the game. They also roll out several exclusive cosmetics that users can add to their collections.

Out of all the events, Fortnite Halloween week has been relatively consistent, and players love to explore the island, thanks to the added ominous factor.

Geometrik, Peely among Fortnite Halloween Celebration 2021 skins revealed

A few days ago, Epic Games released a short animated trailer for the upcoming Fortnite Halloween Celebration event 2021. It revealed that Peely, Cuddle Team Leader, and Boxer were waiting for something.

Soon, the animation changed to reveal all the three characters grooving to the Fright Frank track. This indicated that the developers are teasing the upcoming Halloween Celebration event 2021.

By the look of the trailer, it is speculated that the upcoming Halloween event will see the return of Peely Bone, Boxer Scare Package, and the Spooky Team Leader outfit to the Fortnite Item Shop.

September 30th ➡️ October 1st

It was recently revealed that the Fortnite Halloween Celebration event 2021 would kick off on October 6. Since the festival is celebrated on the last day of the month, it is expected that the event will be available until the end of October.

During the event, loopers can expect many skins to be out in the Item Shop as independent units and in the form of spooky bundle series.

Where she comes from the bark is just as bad as the bite.Grab the Wolfsbane Bundle in the Shop!

The Renegade Skull Trooper skin was also speculated to arrive as a cosmetic for the Fortnite Halloween Celebrations 2021.

Recently, data miners have revealed the first look of the Fortnite Halloween 2021 promo. The cover shows the character Geometrik along with the Renegade Skull Trooper and a new version of the Cuddle Team Leader skin.

The Geometrik outfit is already in the Item Shop. Therefore, gamers can expect the rest to be revealed soon.

Harness the ultimate power of being Cubed.Find Geometrik in the Glyph Echo Set, available now!

Apart from these cosmetics, the developers will release several other skins as well. Epic may bring back some popular Halloween-themed cosmetics featured earlier.

One of the cosmetics players are eager to grab in the Fortnite Halloween Celebration is Shadow Midas. Epic added it as an NPC in the game, but it never featured in the Item Shop.

Since the craze for Midas and his variants is quite huge, Epic might introduce the above cosmetic during this year's Fortnitemares!

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