Fortnite: How to pick up items while sliding

Slide and pick up items to earn easy XP (Image via Twitter/JustAFrog123)
Slide and pick up items to earn easy XP (Image via Twitter/JustAFrog123)

Towards the end of Fortnite Chapter 2, rumors of a brand new type of movement mechanic began to spring up on social media. According to leakers, players would soon be able to slide in-game. Given that the sliding mechanic is an essential mechanic in other battle royale games, not having it in Fortnite felt a bit out of place.

As the leakers had predicted, the new mechanic was added in-game when Chapter 3 began. Three seasons in and sliding during combat feels seamless. In fact, it's so smooth that players can shoot and slide effortlessly.

Pick up items while sliding to earn 15,000 XP in Fortnite (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)
Pick up items while sliding to earn 15,000 XP in Fortnite (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)

Due to this capability, Epic Games is tasking players with picking up items while sliding in-game. Those who manage to complete the task will be awarded 15,000 XP for their hard work. That being said, it's time to pull off some slick sliding maneuvers in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

How to slide and pick up items like a pro in Fortnite

Sliding in itself is not difficult. With the press of a button, players can execute a slide. However, having to slide and pick up an item on the go is a different game entirely. Considering that three items have to be picked to complete this challenge, this is where things get complicated.

There are essentially two ways to do this challenge. Players can either slide and pick up items that they see in front of them or arrange three items in a row before sliding. While the first method is more natural, the second will save time and prove to be a lot easier.


Since the challenge does not mention that items, once thrown and picked up, will not count towards progression, the second method will work. All players have to do is place three separate items or stackables in a row and proceed to slide. Once close enough, these items have to be picked up.

Those with fast reflexes can pick up three items in the span of one slide. However, if this proves to be too difficult, players can slide and individually pick one item at a time. Although this method is more time-consuming, it is foolproof.

Ideally, players should find a quiet area on the island to attempt this challenge. Furthermore, finding and picking up items that will be useful for the match will be smarter than doing it with random junk. Lastly, dropping the same item and then sliding to pick it up three times may also count towards progression.

Things to avoid while sliding in Fortnite


While the sliding mechanics are amazing, there are a few things that players need to keep an eye out for. For starters, it is possible to slide off the side of a cliff or a tall structure and fall down. Depending on the height, this may either result in fall damage or death.

Another major concern while sliding is the limitation of movement. Since sliding usually occurs in a straight line, snipers and sharpshooters will be able to land shots with high accuracy. If they manage to land a headshot, players may get knocked down or eliminated depending on their HP.

Thus, sliding in short bursts is the best choice. This offers better control, the ability to rapidly shift direction, and be ready for a gunfight. Mastering sliding mechanics in Fortnite is a game-changer, and this challenge helps players take the first step.

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