Which Fortnite matchmaking region is the easiest? Ranked based on difficulty

Find out which of the seven regions is the toughest to play in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Find out which of the seven regions is the toughest to play in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite has a high population of sweaty and try-hard players, similar to every other popular multiplayer game. However, players will notice that every region does not have the same amount of sweaty players who build skyscrapers in every match. Some lobbies are easier even if players are highly ranked and skilled.

It is no surprise that Epic Games implements skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite. While it can get horrible sometimes, players in a few regions usually have the time of their lives killing AI bots and rank up quickly by winning every match.

This article will rank all Fortnite server regions from the least difficult to the most difficult.

Fortnite server rankings from least difficult to highest

These rankings are based on the performance of players in every server and population of the player base. Why is the population important? With a small user base, every lobby will have fewer real players, and the rest will be filled with AI bots. This will make every game automatically easier.

5) Middle East

These servers are practically new, and therefore the player base is also not a huge one. Middle East servers were introduced after the World Cup, and since then, there has been a steady rise in the base. However, there is a long way to go before Middle East servers become hot and sweaty like others in Fortnite. Players can consider the Middle East matchmaking region to be the easiest for now.

4) Brazil

Some players in the community would argue that public matches in Brazil are quite sweaty. Since the Fortnite World Cup, where a number of South American players showed impressive gameplay, that region has been highlighted as an upcoming sweat fest many times. With PC players springing up everywhere, it won't be too late before the rest of the South American region starts asking questions higher on the list.

3) Asia

Asia has a massive player base, with China and Japan alone controlling millions of players. These servers are sweaty, and more often than not, no other regional player would stand a chance on Asian servers, especially playing from a Nintendo Switch.

They are third on this list because Fortnite is not this region's most popular battle royale title. There are a lot of players, but Fortnite is yet to compete with the popularity of other titles like PUBG and Warzone.

2) Europe and Oceania

Europe has an excellent reputation in Fortnite as multiple competitive Fortnite players have come out of this region. Oceania also has some Fortnite stars, but the lobbies sometimes are too easy to play in. This server might give players mixed feelings, but it is still a decent server. Similar to the Middle East, the player base is tiny, making lobbies unpredictable.

Europe, however, has a large player base, and most of the lobbies are quite sweaty, filled with players who play the game for a living and will build tall buildings in every fight in a match. It is one of those lobbies where new players will find it difficult to adapt right from the beginning.

1) North America East and West

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There is no doubt that North America is the best Fortnite server in the game. All the leaderboards are filled with North American players from both segments. The Fortnite World Cup was also a witness to the dominance of the North American players as the top four players in the finals were from North America. This region also has the highest number of Fortnite content creators in the globe.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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