Fortnite MEGA WORLD Bossfight: UEFN map code, how to play, and more

Fortnite MEGA WORLD Bossfight: UEFN map code, how to play, and more
Fortnite MEGA WORLD Bossfight: UEFN map code, how to play, and more (Image via Epic Games)

As the Unreal Editor for Fortnite Battle Royale, or UEFN as it is widely known, continues to evolve, it provides creators with the tools necessary to create entirely new maps and experiences. These can stray so far from the Battle Royale formula that they could be classified as their own games. One such map that pushes the Unreal Editor's capabilities is the MEGA WORLD Bossfight map, an experience that blends the lines between an RPG and Fortnite.

The MEGA WORLD Bossfight map, created by Fortnite Creator Cmcreate, brings the elements of an open-world RPG into the game, all leading up to epic combat with the equipment that you acquire. This article will break down how players can find the Fortnite MEGA WORLD Bossfight map and charge into spectacle-filled combat with massive enemies.

Everything you need to know about the Fortnite MEGA WORLD Bossfight map

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UEFN map code

The MEGA WORLD Bossfight map, owing to its otherworldly nature and replayability, has garnered a consistent player base. Naturally, it is easy to locate in the Discover menu. However, if you don't want to go through the hassle of browsing through the sea of other maps, you can head to the search icon in the top-left corner of the main Fortnite Battle Royale lobby.

Here, you will find a search bar prompting you to enter the designated UEFN map code for the MEGA WORLD Bossfight map: 6631-6717-6073. Once you've entered the assigned map code, you can hit Confirm. This will change your current game mode to the MEGA WORLD Bossfight map, and you can now queue up to get into a public lobby with other players.

How to play

Once you load into the MEGA WORLD Bossfight map, you will be treated to a short cinematic introducing you to the sprawling world created in the UEFN experience. This will transition you in the Fortnite Item Shop hut, which will be your hub in this game mode. Here, you will find yourself starting with nothing but a Common Sideways Scythe in your inventory.

Your objective is to go out into the world and battle different types of enemies, many of which have been custom-made for this specific game mode, and collect coins. You can explore the vast open world and find chests that can provide you with weapons as well as clusters of coins. You can use these coins to purchase better weapons and consumables from the Item Shop.

Once you are equipped to your heart's content, you can make your way to the boss fight area of the map and enter it to choose your combat difficulty. The battles feature different dragons, and you need to take them down for not just coins and loot, but also XP for the Fortnite Battle Pass.

The game mode features an auto-save feature, so all the progress you make will be retained the next time you return to the map.

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