Fortnite player requests Epic Games for a special birthday gift, gets roasted by the community

Fortnite player asks for a Katana for his birthday (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fortnite player asks for a Katana for his birthday (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite community is often branded as immature by the internet. Due to the absurd behavior, toxic nature, and weird requests by the players of this community, the internet ends up judging them harshly. In a recent incident, Reddit users decided to roast a player who wanted a birthday gift from Epic Games.

A few days ago, Reddit user HolyHydra7 took to Reddit to ask Epic Games for a birthday gift for himself. He typed up a detailed post asking the developers to add a Katana in Fortnite as a harvesting tool. However, he didn't quite get the support he was expecting from his fellow community members.

It is fair for the user to ask for a birthday gift in his favorite game, but given that he only gave the developers 6 days to fulfill his request, the community did not take his request very well.


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Fortnite players asks for a Katana in-game for his birthday

Apparently, HolyHydra7 has been playing the popular battle royale game ever since Chapter 2 came out. He might not be one of the oldest players in the game, but he gave a very sincere reason for joining the game late. However, even after missing out on an entire Chapter, the user claims to be one of the biggest fans of the game.

The Reddit user felt that he was in a position to demand a birthday gift from the developers. When he penned down the post, it was only 6 days until his birthday. During this time, he asked the developers to make a customizable Katana Pickaxe as a gift for him.

He wrote in great detail all the things developers can do with a customizable Katana. From the hilt to the blade, and the sheath to the pattern, he wanted a harvesting tool in the game that players can customize to their liking. Additionally, he also wished that the Katana in Fortnite should have selectable styles as well.

Reddit reacts to Fortnite player asking for a Katana for his birthday

Despite being a perfectly valid request, Reddit users found it absurd that a player would ask the developers to add a cosmetic just for his birthday. It was even harder to digest since he made the request only 6 days before his birthday, a very short amount of time for the developers to come up with such an intricately designed cosmetic.

Clearly, no one thinks that Epic Games is going to listen to the user and add a Katana to the game in the next few days. However, he did have a pretty unique idea for the next customizable item to be included in the Battle Pass.

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